Pir Sadardin’s Ginan Eji Shah Islamshah Amne Maliya

Text and Explanation


Composer of Ginan: Pir Sadardin


Eji Shah Islamshah amne maliya
Ane didha te din-na raaj-ji,
Alakh rupe orakhiya,
Tene sariya amara kaaj


Listen to me, 0 brother!
I have recognised Imam Islamshah (as the Imam of the Age)
who has blessed me with religious wisdom.
I have recognised him as my Spiritual Master
who bears the Noor  (the Divine Light)
which is unseen to physical eyes.
(Indeed)! He has fulfilled all my desires.


Eji Nari thaine ame vinaviya,
Ane orakhiya te saheb eh
Dasawandhi sirabandhi janjo
Jo pura hove sneh


Listen to me, 0 brother!
I have supplicated in a manner of a woman
and recognised him as my Spiritual Master.
They are the ones who sacrifice everything (in the way of religion),
who have complete (intense) love (for the Imam).


Eji Prit jani – ne ginan jodiya,
Ane dil-ma rakhi sudhir,
Gurna ginan to mile,
Jo nirmal thai rahiye nir


Listen to me, 0 brother!
With the love kindled in my heart (for lmam-e-Zaman)
and with patience I have composed the Ginans.
True understanding (Ma’rifah, spiritual recognition) of
Imam can only be gained if one becomes as pure as water.


Eji Nirmal man to rahe,
jo purav hove sneh,
Daya pragat upaje
Satgur thi amar deh


Listen to me, 0 brother! the mind would remain pure
through complete love (for Mowla).
(When purity of heart and mind is achieved),
the True Master (Imam-e-Zaman)
showers his Grace and leads one to eternal life.


Eji Pir Sadardin boliya,
Tame Saheb jano hazur,
E amar padami to mile,
Jo antar bhetiya Noor


Listen to me, 0 brother! (I) Pir Sadardin, advise you:
‘Bear in mind that the Noor of Mowla is always present.
Eternal life can only be achieved
if one experiences the Noor within one’s heart.’

Last updated: April 22, 2019.


Reading adapted from “Eji Shah Islamshah Amne Maliya”, Transliteration and Translation by Jehangir A. Merchant, Ilm, March 1984, published by Ismailia Association for the UK. Note: The English transliteration published above is missing the Gujarati accents which appear in the original article.

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4 thoughts on “Pir Sadardin’s Ginan Eji Shah Islamshah Amne Maliya

    • Anusha; Thank you for writing. The Ginan is complete. There appears to be some confusion about a verse that is recited in the morning along with the last verse “Pir Sadardin bolyia….” as to whether it is part of the same Ginan. It is not as far as I know although the tune is identical Your feedback about the missing 6th verse possibly refers to that 2nd part that is recited every morning. I will look into it and revert.

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