Celebrating Navroz, the Persian New Year; Ginan and Poetry



By Nuram

It is ordained by Allah
I come once a year on this day
And for six months
I stay in the Northern Hemisphere
I shine in all my splendour
I bring warmth
I bring life to the dead earth
I bring colour and all the hues
I bring movement to all living things
I bring hope for good things to come
There is resurgence, a renewal all around

Under the full moon on a special night
Come, gather and feast under the big tent
And dance and sing in his Name
Celebrate the New Day
With Zikr in the morn
With supplications
to ease all difficulties around the world
in the evening
And finally to bed
Knowing, no matter
that the Star is always with us


Eji Navroz na Din Sohamna


Eji hette Alisu hirakh baandho,
Avichal ranga Sahebse girahiya,
Evi chint baandhi Nar Qayam saathe,
Sat bhandaar motiye bhariya….Verse 4

Please click for Navroz Ginan and to view enlarged version of the signed photo.

Be joyfully bound in the love of Ali
And attain the unfading spiritual color (the state of bliss) from the Master;
When my mind was bound to the Ever-Living Lord in contemplation
Reality adorned (the Soul) with priceless treasure of (Noorani) pearls




 By Navyn Naran 

how happy our hearts,
how light is our mind,
Khush Amadeed
spring has arrived
the world turns around,
we have our Mawla,
nature is bowing to His Word
Khush Amadeed
Welcome to our homes!
Welcome with our hearts
Our Hazar Imam,
our loyalty is to You.
as loyal as oxygen in air
and sun rise each day,
magnetics in motion
in implicit devotion,
each moment is fact
Barakah of Your Grace
never a miss
in the life that we face,
we dance in our joy,
for spring has arrived!
a new day and a gift,
Khush Amadeed
Our Beloved Imam,
Khush Amadeed
You send fauna and flora
everyday is anew,
Navroz is here
strengthen our love for You
O, our Hazar Imam
Khush Amadeed!
Ale Nabi, Aulad e Ali,
our thoughts are of You
never amiss,
Khush Amadeed! 
Navroz reminds us
of youth and of growth
of smiles and of laughter
to maintain Trust in our oath.
O flowers and birds,
and molecules and atoms,
Khush Amadeed
as universes, galaxies
we twirl daily for You
bowing to Your Will;
souls in reflection,
as a Blessing from You
as time keeps on moving
our love
is for You
in all nature’s Be-ing
Bless our work for You
dancing, we spin,
smiles flourish with You
O our Mawla
Khush Amadeed
Shahanshah -i- shahanshah
we bow gratefully to You
in our every thought
Khush Amadeed


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Navroz, the Persian New Year; Ginan and Poetry

  1. Happy New Year, Happy Navroz to all people, to mankind, to people who love peace, freedom and who gives us an opportunity to live in prosperity.

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