Remembering Kampala Jamatkhana by Vali Jamal

SPECIAL SERIES: The Jamatkhana – A Place of Spiritual and Social Convergence

Please click on image for Vali Jamal's article. Centre photo: The refurbished Kampala Jamatkhana, photographed in February 2009 by Amin John Kassam, Ottawa. Copyright.

Remembering Kampala Jamatkhana

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One thought on “Remembering Kampala Jamatkhana by Vali Jamal

  1. Reading this I felt nostalgic as well as home sick. I was born in Kampala but moved to Mombasa in 1944 with my parents. I moved to Pakistan in 1949. I remember Kampala as a beautiful city with wonderful weather. I visited Kampala in 1967 on my way to Europe, as I wanted to visit the city of my birth and was most impressed to see beautiful bungalows had replaced old homes. Thanks for sharing.

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