Young Ismaili Achievers – An Interview with Zahra Lalani

Young Ismaili Achievers: Family, Faith, Aspirations, and Social Networks

Please click for interview with Zahra Lalani

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5 thoughts on “Young Ismaili Achievers – An Interview with Zahra Lalani

  1. To achieve success in all aspects of life, the following is a guide line for every one:-
    – Have a target of life
    – To achieve a target you have to be a disciplined human being.
    – To be a disciplined human being, you have to practice/follow your faith (what ever faith you have).
    With best wishes
    Syed Ali Haider Rizvi

  2. Zahra Lalani,

    I salute you for being very thougthful about religion. Keep it up that way for success throughout your life. Wish you a healthy and a long life. Amen.

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