Essays and Letters: Childhood Games by Mohezin Tejani

Essays and Letters

Please click for "Childhood Games." Image shown above is from cover page of Tejani's book "A Chameleon’s Tale."

In celebration of our Second Anniversary, Simerg announces a new section called Essays and Letters. This will be a venue through which we will seek to bring the best writings in fiction, nonfiction, art, film and literature written by Ismaili authors, both new and established in the literary community. Interesting pieces that reflect the diverse voices from the world-wide Ismaili community will be published. It is our hope that this niche will inspire the writer in each of us to make a contribution to this new section. Your contribution should be submitted to

We are delighted to launch Arts and Letters with Childhood Games byMohezin Tejani, a globetrotting Ismaili Muslim exiled from Idi Amin’s Uganda.

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