Preparing for Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Didar: Short Essential Readings (I) – Dazzled by the Light


Please click: Preparing for Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Didar (I): Dazzled by the Light and other readings

Mawlana Hazar Imam pictured at the Olympia Hall, London, during his weeklong visit to the United Kingdom Jamat in September 1979. Photo: Jehangir Merchant Collection.


Introduction: Ismaili followers (murids) throughout history have sought to articulate their experiences of the didar (lit. glimpse) of their Imam of the Time through ginans, qasidas, poetry and other narratives. Although the happiness and joy in beholding the face of Imam-e-Zaman is something which can only be felt and cannot be adequately described, their rich and vivid descriptions motivate us to seek out our own unique experiences in the ‘physical’ presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam. Thousands of Ismailis in East Africa will shortly have an opportunity to be in the blessed presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam. We can share in the Jamats’ joy and happiness as the murids await Mawla’s arrival.

An outline of East African countries. His Highness the Aga Khan will be visiting Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in July 2011. Map Credit: United Nations

Simerg will endeavour to provide new posts about three times a week entitled “Essential Readings,” which we hope will contribute to making the mulaqat with Mawlana Shah Karim more meaningul and purposeful. In this regard, everyone’s understanding of the concept of Imamat is of paramount importance. What does Ismaili and related Shia literature reveal about the doctrine of Imamat? What are the pre-requisites in our daily lives to maximize the benefits from the didar of the Imam of the Time? What should our attitudes be in the presence of Mawlana Hazar Imam? These are some of the themes which “Essential Readings” will cover through short excerpts, which will include a supplication from a ginan, qasida or an individual poem. We therefore invite viewers from around the world to visit the Web site frequently and make use of this valuable resource, and share this momentous occasion for the East African Jamat. We also welcome contributions from our world-wide audience in the form of personal reflections, narratives and poetry relevant to the didar. Please submit your pieces to with appropriate references.

Thank you,
Abdulmalik Merchant

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13 thoughts on “Preparing for Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Didar: Short Essential Readings (I) – Dazzled by the Light

  1. Ya Ali Madad,

    I am only 23 years old and a Masters student of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies but these readings are simply mind-blowing… some brought tears to my eyes as they made me feel for the Imam what is in my heart for him… May the Light of Ali warm our hearts and may we be blessed with the ma’rifah of Imam-e-Zaman…

    Thank you Simerg!

  2. Thank you for the postings. I heard about these from a friend and have been sharing them with my son who studies in the UK but is joining us for the ceremonies, hoping it will help him prepare for this momentous occasion in our lives. Bless you.

  3. Heart full thanks for spreading such a necessary knowledge around the world.
    I really appreciate it.

  4. Thank you, Abdulmalik, for rekindling that precious moment the Murids experience during Deedar and the joy and supplication during the preparation for the Deedar. East African Jamats are very fortunate. Inshallah US & Canada Jamats will in the coming year/years will be experiencing the same – Ameen. Please continue to post the Essential Readings and Imam’s Visit to East Africa. Your Publication is a real stroke of Intelligence and I love to read every word.

    Ya Ali Madad
    Taj Kothari
    Miami, Florida

  5. I send you all my heartiest thanks for spreading the love of Imam with historical facts. This information is very much required for the new generation of the Jamat. These readings contribute to spiritual enlightenemnt on the real path. Please ignore any mistakes, as I am now 85.

    Ya Ali Madad,
    Vazir Kurban

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