“Springtime Renewal” – Invitation to Contribute Poetry for Navroz, the Persian New Year, and Win an Anthology

With Iran so much in the limelight, Simerg seems to have been drawn into the country too, but for a different reason – to showcase some of the country’s rich and vibrant culture with a portrayal of its people, foods, and historical treasures. Nevin and Muslim Harji’s photos of Iran that we are publishing this and next week bring to light the splendours of Iran.

A tented dining room in a hotel in Yadz, where Nevin and Muslim Harji stayed during their visit to Iran last October. Photo: Muslim Harji, Montreal, PQ, Canada. Copyright.

At Simerg we have have decided we wish to remain with Iran for some more time, and for a very good reason. For thousands of years, the country has celebrated the joyous arrival of spring with the celebration of Navroz. We want you to tell us in a short poem how you view the arrival of spring and the beautiful changes the season brings forth with it. How does spring or the festival of Navroz inspire and invigorate you? You are invited to participate by submitting a poem on the theme “Springtime Renewal” or “Springtime Change.”

The poem should be limited to 12 lines and be in English. The best five poems will be published on this website, Simerg.com, on or around March 21, 2012. The contributors of published poems will each receive an anthology of poetry by a well-known Muslim writer or “Where Hope Takes Root” by His Highness the Aga Khan.

We welcome your original submission no later than March 15, 2012. Please send the poem to simerg@aol.com, along with your full name and address as well as telephone number. Anonymous contributions will not be accepted or published.


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