A “Thank You” Letter to an Ismaili Historical Figure – Examples to Assist You

Recently we announced a unique new series to celebrate this website’s third anniversary. Please click Thanking Ismaili  Historical Figures.

Numerous readers who wish to contribute have asked us to provide samples that may serve as good examples for their own messages of thanks. We have one website that you might wish to visit to assist you in formulating your Thank you letter to an Ismaili historical figure. Please click http://thankyoumessages.org where you will find letters to Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy as well as other individuals. We hope that helps.

We have now published the first Thank you letter (March 29, 2012). Please click A “Thank You” Letter to the Makers of the Blue Qur’an. This will serve as an excellent example!


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