A Treasure Trove of Photo Essays from Around the World: A New Blog by Simerg

Simerg is pleased to announce the creation of a separate blog dedicated to photographs and photo essays. While many of the pieces may at first appear (or have appeared) on Simerg.com, an adapted version with a greater emphasis on the photo content will be created in the new sister blog http://simergphotoblog.wordpress.com/.

Click to visit the photoblog

The new blog is being launched with Muslim and Nevin Harji’s highly acclaimed piece about Jerusalem, Ali M Rajput’s unique photos of Alamut, photos of the discovery of Fatimid artefacts in an 11th century shipwreck as well as a photo essay about His Highness the Aga Khan and the Ismaili community. The new blog will be a treasure trove of  superb photos and photo essays from around the world, and will please photo enthusiasts everywhere. Please click on http://simergphotoblog.wordpress.com/ to visit the blog.

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