The Siege of Timbuktu by Jocelyne Sambira

“…..The Islam that the scholars of Timbuktu taught the world was (and remains) a profoundly humanist tradition. On humble wooden boards…children learned the words that Muslims believe to be God’s verbatim speech, and with it a deep respect for Him, and His most noble creation, the children of Adam….” says Rudolph Ware in an excellent piece in the Huffington Post. But, as Ware notes, Timbuktu has for some months been under siege from a radical group calling itself  Ansar Dine (“Protector of the Faith”).

In our piece, with links to the Huffington Post and other articles on the subject, Jocelyne Sambira of AfricaRenewal explains what is going on in Northern Mali’s City of Saints…..”Using hoes, pick-axes and chisels, they [Ansar Dine] hammered away at the two earthen tombs until they were completely destroyed.” Read more….Timbuktu Under Siege.

Djinguereber mosque in Timbuktu. Members of the group Ansar Dine have destroyed some of the mosque’s mausoleums, along with other holy shines in the ancient northern city. Photo: Wikipedia.

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