Afghanistan Update: Ismaili Drives For Afghan Refugees in Chicago Area Fill 4 Trucks With Resettlement Supplies

Ismaili CIVIC

This is an update to our recent post Ismaili CIVIC to Host Supply Drive For Afghan Refugees at 3 Chicago Jamatkhanas on September 4 which referred to an article by Tom Robb in Journal & Topics.

Tom Robb now reports in the September 8 edition of Journal & Topics that the drive on September 4 at the Jamatkhanas resulted in the donation of supplies that filled four large U-Haul trucks. Donors came through the Glenview Ismaili Jamatkhana alone at the rate of 25 to 30 cars per hour. To read Tom Robb’s report click HERE or on image below.

Ismaili CIVIC donation drive
Mountains of kitchen supplies, diapers, and other donated home goods, filling two long U-Haul trucks were collected at the Glenview Ismaili Jamatkhana and organized by Ismaili CIVIC volunteers for Afghan refugees Saturday, Sept. 4. Other donation sites made similar collections in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood and in Naperville. (Tom Robb/Journal photo). Click on photo for full story.

Date posted: September 8, 2021.


We have created a special page on Afghanistan where you will find links to all our posts published on Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. Please click AFGHANISTAN.

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