Mr. Sneaky Peeky and the Two Red-Tailed Monkeys

Mr. Sneaky Peeky and the Two Red Tailed Monkeys Illustration by Lee Mathison, Simerg Farah Tejani

A Short Story by FARAH TEJANI
Illustration by LEE MATHISON

Mr. Sneaky Peeky was an elephant-like no other,
For he wore a dark black mask unlike his mom and dad or brother,
And when he wore this super mask it made him feel so invincible,
But his father was not at all impressed, because he was the school’s principal

At recess time the kids would laugh and say, “Who Do You Think You Are?”
And Mr. Sneaky Peeky always said, “I am further than the farthest star!
For I believe In my mind that there is nothing I can’t do!
And that is what makes me, ME and what makes you, you!”

Mr. Sneaky Peeky’s father would warn him all the time, 
“These Super Hero fantasies won’t solve any REAL crimes!”
But his mother loved him so tenderly, she knit him a multicolored cape,
And with it he could run so very fast, no criminal could try to escape!

Sneaky’s older brother sold vacuums door to door,
He was proud of Mr. Sneaky for always wanting more, 
“Don’t mind what other people say, just keep on believing in you!
And just watch how far you will go to make all your dreams come true!”

It just so happened that the day did come that Sneaky would have to test,
Just what kind of superpowers he truly did possess,
A robbery had taken place at the local jewelry store,
The cops arrived but the bad guys escaped but Sneaky Peeky knew more!

He saw two red-tailed monkeys with heavy knapsacks on their backs,
Looking very suspicious, looking through some magazine racks,
With no basket, buggy, or pull cart, Mr. Peeky was not dumb,
The jewelry shop was just next door, they stood out like sour thumbs!

Their sacks looked heavy, so Sneaky used his superpowered mask,
To solve this crime and to return the jewels, so he set down to the task
To see right through the bags they held,
He pushed buttons on each side,
“Freeze, gentlemen, and drop your sacks, you boys are going for a ride!”

They looked and tried to run and make a quick escape,
But these bad guys were just no match for Mr. Sneaky and his special cape!
The red-tailed monkeys were very good at swinging branch to branch,
But Sneaky Peeky tore those trees down to the ground, alas they had NO CHANCE!

“Oh, if only my dad could see me now, I know I would make him proud, 
“No time to think, I’ve got a job to do,” Sneaky spoke out loud.
And with his trunk, he grabbed their tails and tied them in a knot,
And all the jewels fell to the ground, but the mischievous monkeys were caught!

The Chief of Police, Erma Glendale, was happy that all the jewels were returned,
“All the officers on my watch were very impressed and said they had a lot to learn
Like how on earth did you know, Mr. Sneaky, that the criminals were hiding next door?”
“Some things I have been blessed with, these are my superpowers for sure.”

“Criminals that flee any normal crime scene, usually do so in a getaway car,
Something told me these robbers were smart and were not going to be very far,
And these red-tailed monkeys with their heavy knapsacks,
Were not shopping for groceries, and these are just the facts!

“Dear Chief of Police, please do not mind, the rest I cannot tell…
For these are my super powers and they are quite personal.
So now I must be on my way for it is time for me to go,
Because I still have school to go to, and as they say on with the show!”

“Oh, but Mr. Sneaky Peeky, please accept one final thing,
The jewelry store has rewarded you with this 5 point diamond ring!
And furthermore, Mr. Sneaky, can you please untie their tails?
None of us down here can do it, and we need to put them in different cells!”

Date posted: September 23, 2021.


Farah Tejani

Farah Tejani is a creative writer based in Vancouver. This is her second story for Simerg, following the recently published heart-warming story Elizabeth the Ladybug and the Lonely Rose. Farah is currently working on childrens’ stories and a collection of poetry called “Elastic Embrace” to be published later this year. She has contributed numerous poems for Simerg and its sister website Barakah in the past year including The Fragrance of SpringElastic Embrace; and The Great Sacrifice.

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Mr. Sneaky Peeky and the Two Red Tailed Monkeys Illustration by Lee Mathison, author Farah Tejani published in simerg

11 thoughts on “Mr. Sneaky Peeky and the Two Red-Tailed Monkeys

  1. Thank you so much for your kind feedback I have nobody to thank but God Himself… He gives me the inspiration and guides my hand. I am ever grateful to Malikbha for giving me exposure to you, my readers, thank you.

  2. Another great story Farah; love your stories. Please keep them coming. You have great talent. Remain blessed always.

  3. Beautiful and heart warming story. We all need to believe in ourselves.

    Farah, you have a gift; please continue to share your gift with us.

  4. Amazing story! I can’t wait to read it to my grandkids. I’m sure they will be thrilled by it. Thanks Farah, for sharing. What inspires you to write such wonderful story? Keep it up.

  5. Very creative. Your poem is really informative and very well written. You are a great poet. All the best and keep it up. Lots of love

  6. I love your stories and poems…you did it again!!!! Miss Unstoppable proud of you Farah.
    Love and Blessings always..Ameen

  7. Farah keeps readers engaged with her creative stories which contain insights, wisdom and thoughts that inspire action.

    Her work appeals to one and all – one who is going through trials and tribulations and one who is successful!


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