Ismaili Journalist Omar Sachedina Introduces Himself as Chief Anchor of CTV, Canada’s Most-Watched National Newscast

“I know welcoming me into your homes every night is not a right; its a privilege. I will work hard with our team to earn and build your trust for that continued privilege. That’s my commitment to you.” — Excerpt from Omar Sachedina’s message to CTV viewers, September 5, 2022 ( see link to full message, below.)

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SEPTEMBER 6, 2022: This is an updated version of our recent piece on Omar Sachedina’s appointment to top position at CTV News, Canada’s Most-Watched National Newscast (please see text of original post published on August 27, following this September 6 update.)

On Monday September 5, 2022, Sachedina delivered a welcome message to all viewers of CTV News as he assumed his role as its chief anchor. To view his message, please click A MESSAGE FROM OMAR SACHEDINA.

Upon the announcement of his appointment to the position in late August, Sachedina had given an interview to one of his colleagues, Angie Seth, at CTV News providing his perspectives on his new role at CTV as well as his personal memory of a specific tragic refugee situation of the war in Ukraine that he said would always remain etched in his mind. In the interview, he recounted a similar situation from his own parents experiences who were expelled from Uganda in 1972 along with thousands of other South Asians, and were compassionately welcome into Canada. Please watch his interview with Angie on the YouTube link below or by clicking HERE.


Ismaili Journalist Omar Sachedina Moves into a Top Position at CTV News, Canada’s Most-Watched National Newscast

AUGUST 27, 2022: Omar Sachedina is one of a growing number of Ismailis who’ve become high-profile journalists, writes Georgia Straight’s editor Charlie Smith in a story related to Sachedina’s recent appointment as anchor of CTV news. Other Ismailis include CTV Vancouver anchor Nafeesa Karim, CBC foreign correspondent Salimah Shivji, CBC reporter Zahra Premji, former Breakfast Television host Riaz Meghji, Overstory Media CEO Farhan Mohamed, and MSNBC host Ali Velshi. Sachedina is expected to replace veteran journalist Lisa LaFlamme on September 5….Read More at GEORGIA STRAIGHT.

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The official CTV news release of Omar Sachedina’s appointment states:

“As a veteran journalist who brings years of experience to his new role as anchor, Omar Sachedina is the ideal choice to lead the coverage being delivered by CTV NATIONAL NEWS each and every day across a variety of platforms,” said Karine Moses, Senior Vice President, Content Development & News, Bell Media and Vice Chair, Québec, Bell. “For more than a decade, he has played a key role in keeping Canadians informed of breaking news unfolding across Canada and around the world. Omar is a skilled anchor who connects with our viewers, and with him at the helm, we’re excited to maintain the status of CTV NATIONAL NEWS as Canada’s most-watched national newscast.” — READ MORE ON CTV NEWS and also see his CTV PROFILE.

There has been a backlash to Bell Media’s decision to end Lisa LaFlamme’s contract. Daily Hive notes that there is a petition growing to reinstate LaFlamme as CTV’s news anchor. And in a column for the Toronto Star, Amira Elghawaby writes, “Angry reactions to the sudden ousting of decorated broadcaster Lisa LaFlamme from her job as CTV’s chief news anchor and senior editor haven’t abated” — READ MORE (subscription may be required).

Whatever the outcome of the petition, Omar Sachedina along with other rising Ismaili journalists will continue to make significant contributions to journalism in Canada and around the world. The Ismaili USA carried a special piece on Ismaili Women Impacting the Media in a story on Farrah Fazal and Nausheen Hussain.

Date posted: August 27, 2022.
Last updated: September 7, 2022 (Omar Sachedina starts his new role as CTV News anchor, and typos)


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