Free exhibition, Calgary, May 11-21: Glenbow at the Edison brings you the phenomenal beauty and fragility of the ocean and its creatures through photographs of Hussain Aga Khan

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“Given that humans live on land, we tend to have a rather terrestrial-centric view of the world. But when we consider that 98% of Earth’s biosphere, the place where life can exist, is made of water and that every other breath a human takes cycled through the sea, it becomes clear that the ocean is not only vital to our planet, the ocean is our planet” — Brian Skerry, in introduction to Diving Into Wildlife (2nd ed., 2015). Skerry is photojournalist and contributor to National Geographic

Photograph: Hussain Aga Khan/Diving into Wildlife
Photograph: Hussain Aga Khan, published in Diving into Wildlife, page 34. Click on image to reserve free tickets.

“The work of Hussain Aga Khan is visual poetry created in the sea that seduces the viewer to discover her mysteries and leads people to care ….Through his work, Hussain tells an important story. It is a story about a magnificent place he has explored, photographed and shares with us now. It is a story about a place quite unlike any other, and is a place that needs our help” — Brian Skerry, in introduction to Diving Into Wildlife (2nd ed., 2015)

Spaces for the “The Living Sea – Fragile Beauty” are filling up fast, so get your free ticket NOW by clicking on GLENBOW AT THE EDISON.

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Date posted: May 9, 2023.