Aspects of Imamat and Didar – Download PDF File

Simerg’s Imamat and Didar Series

His Highness the Aga Khan, or Mawlana Hazar Imam as he is affectionately and respectfully addressed by his Ismaili followers, made a highly successful visit to East Africa during the month of July 2011. Simerg provided a religious context of the visit by publishing a seven-part series on Imamat and what didar (lit. glimpse of the Imam of the Time) represents to an Ismaili.

Please click to download "Aspects of Imamat..."

We are now pleased to provide the entire series consisting of short ‘essential readings’  in PDF format. To download this highly educational and inspiring series, please click Simerg’s Imamat and Didar Series, and share the PDF link with your contacts around the world.

Alternatively, you may read the series articles individually on this Website by clicking on the following links:

(I) – Dazzled by the Light and other readings
(II) – Spiritual Enlightenment Under the Imam’s Guidance and other readings
(III) – An Ode on Imam’s Essence and other readings
(IV) – Aab-i Shifa and other readings
(V) – Ya Ali Khuba Mijalas and other readings
(VI) – The Merciful Glance and other readings
(VII) – Imamat in Ismaili Ginanic Literature

Post didar reflection:
Imamat in Ismaili Qasidas


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2 thoughts on “Aspects of Imamat and Didar – Download PDF File

  1. Congratulations Simerg for publishing this very informative and heart warming series! My heart is singing with joy and happiness!

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