“Crystal Clear” – A New Year Observation by Navyn Naran

here’s to crystal magic, clink!
and starlight.
cool and clearest,
p e a c e
in the vacuum of purple night
of unseen and
a magic so hidden
you scarce believe in its reality..
for they say, it is the most real thing there is.

light of all light
shimmering ….
but yes, conscionable.

clinking glass and platefuls..
musically cheery and
mirrors, mirrors,
reflecting glamour and light
what a happy night!
faces  are smiling, lips moving, masterful chatter
practising attitudes.
beautiful shimmers, radiant!
glitter and glory
oh, happy night and new year!

there are  sparkles of crystal and bangles
rushes of laughter and giggles
all in tonight…thank you God for this another moment,
thank YOU.
what we have learnt and gained this year,
are Blessings beyond truths.
who have we hurt and cared for?
been hurt by and healed from?
only children make it real delight,
a time of play and being,
a reality of truth

ah yes, a respectable consort you are indeed.
how beautifully perfect.
behind festivities and food and dance and happiness
grateful for the safety and health of your space.
and the world crumbles on

hurting exposures, crying and deceit
lies and lip service
a rich, heavy deep velvet
fertile for an inner fortitude ..
here’s to a very happy new year
in these mirrors of charm.
and he rewards you for your heights and emblems,
‘ there are those i see with my eyes and
there are those i feel with my heart’.
which one am i?
which? in the limelight?
in the mirror perhaps?
in the crystal shimmers
there’s a seen.
and in magic, we are told,
and perhaps we pray,
and maybe we can really try to believe..
a practice of faith,
in action, yes, perhaps there IS

the  unseen.


Navyn Naran

Navyn Naran

About the author: Navyn Naran was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, to Anaar and Badrudin Naran. After beginning her high school in the UK, her family immigrated to the USA where she has lived since. Navyn went to medical school at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. Dr Naran, has a subspecialty in Paediatric Critical Care.

2 thoughts on ““Crystal Clear” – A New Year Observation by Navyn Naran

  1. Navyn – great piece, mashalla. Would by any chance your mum (Ms Anar Naran) have taught at Aga Khan Primary School in Dar-es-Salaam in 1959? (grade 3).

    Alnoor Chagpar

    • Yes, Alnoor, and although you were a naughty boy, she loves you and all her students: as we hear , you are her first children and her prayers were to have her own kids like you.. therefore, you are to blame for all our naughtiness.

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