Exclusive @Simergphotos: The Investiture of Prince Amyn Mohamed Aga Khan as Chief of Ismaili Scouts by Khizar Hayat

….Prince Aly Khan passed away on 13th May 1960 in a tragic accident. A loss and a lull was created. In 1965 Mawlana Hazar Imam graced the request as successor of the post, from the Aga Khan Association for Ismaili Scouts, Guides, Band and Orchestras, Karachi. He sent a holy talika to the President of the Ismaili Scouts Association appointing Prince Amyn Mohamed as Ismaili Chief Scout….….Read More

A Scout Greeting….Prince Amyn with Khizar Hayat. Please click for photos and article. Photo Credit: Khizar Hayat Collection, Canada,

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