(I) Joy and Blessings of Ginans and (II) Recitation and Explanation of Kesri Sinha Sarup Bhulayo


Joy and Blessings of GinansBy Jalal Jaffer

When the heart is yearning
For peace, quiet, solace
When the mind is questioning
The whys, the whats, and the hows of life
When the soul is feeling trapped
Wanting to escape and soar out and beyond
It is the lilting melodies, heart-wrenching and soothing
It is the words and phrases, simple and serene
It is the pictures and landscapes, divine and mysterious
That crash through inner barriers and screens
The yearning heart, the questioning mind, the trapped soul
To beauty, knowledge, wisdom, understanding
And find one’s own truth and meaning.
YES, that’s the joy and blessing of Ginans.



"Kesri Sinha Sarup Bhulayo" by Pir Shams, Author Shiraz PradhanA Recitation by Shermina Sayani

About the reciter: Shermina Sayani is a paediatric doctor from London, UK. She enjoys reciting and performing Ginans and Qasidas within the Jamat.  Shermina also has a great passion for writing and directing plays. Shermina has produced a number of plays for the UK Ismaili community on secular, ethical and spiritual issues.

With an Explanation by Shiraz Pradhan

Please  click An Explanation of the Ismaili Ginan “Kesri Sinha Sarup Bhulayo”

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