Photo Essay by Muslim Harji: New Delhi’s Humayun Tomb and other Islamic Cultural Gems Through a Canadian Lens

New Delhi’s Spectacular Islamic Heritage Through a Canadian Lens

Please click for photo essay

Please click for photo essay

3 thoughts on “Photo Essay by Muslim Harji: New Delhi’s Humayun Tomb and other Islamic Cultural Gems Through a Canadian Lens

  1. There you go again…Muslim with his lenses capturing the glory of Islamic arts in various structures and Malik with his super-charged vehicle Simerg serving us this beautiful package selflessly at no cost! Sorry Muslim-Malik, I am a bit lazy and although Zeenat and I have tremendously enjoyed every gallery of Muslim and ALL the various collections of Malik, apart from some occasional comment, I have not been able to keep up the trend of putting forth my thoughts. On top of it, I had lost my password…so…But this time, I figured it is high time that I make up for the lost occasion. As always, this package of Delhi is soul stirring…yes, just as your earlier feats of bringing portions of India, Pakistan, Africa and Far East, you and Malik have sub-consciously flown us back to my earlier memories of my lovely past. I tearfully re-lived that moment in 1955 when I was a kid holding hands of my (late) beloved mom and dad and taking small steps climbing the lower steps of huge stairs of the mighty Qutub Minar – exactly in the same way as you took Zeenat and me to India and Burma of those days…remembering our old memorable moments. Muslim, you go places at your own cost and you employ your lenses and capture live-looking so many emotional photographs and in turn, Malik uses his genius sharpness, his hi-tech platform and above all his selfless attitude of service to the Ismaili world, projects your incredible packages to so many thousands of us, again, at no cost to us! And I wonder, why, how, what???? – Why do you, Malik-Muslim duo, do this…How do you do this and finally What makes you do this – How did Malik-Muslim duo appear on surface from no-where? To all these questions, I have just one answer….you guys are weird and crazy (these words are my SALUTE to your great service) and that Almighty being has made you come together…. or who else would put in so much personal time and efforts to perform such a remarkable job of bring a high-class, well-stuffed and amply-informed online magazine to the Ismaili Jamats of this World. I am just amazed and surprised and shocked to see what and how much Simerg has brought to me in my home on my desktop…I am even not sure that I can read all of that in the days of life that I have to live…So just ..SubhanAllah-AlHammduLillah. There cannot be any better words that can describe your sacrifices and its achievement. God Bless you and your families. Sorry Malik, my comments are too long, but more than for readers, they are for you both and I have spoken my heart out. I cannot help it because this is me…when I start…I just start and the end just comes…So you are at full liberty to edit, cut or alter whatever for your Simerg. But I have relieved my burden of gratefulness to both of you…

    • Extremely generous of you to make such a wonderful comment. I have not edited a word!

      Muslim with his photography and other writers with their insights keep Simerg “super-charged.” Indeed I have numerous other pieces from Muslim awaiting publication…

      Thank you, Sherzemeen for your prayers for me and my family. Your heart has spoken out and I shall continue, as best as I can, to work with my full-heart on Simerg and provide good material for everyone to enjoy.


  2. Brilliant and colorful pictures by Muslim Harji as well as masterful commentary with excerpts from Mawlana Hazar Imam’s speeches! Muslim, you make us proud through your work posted on Simerg.

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