A Reflection on the Land Grant Ceremony of the New World Class Aga Khan University Hospital to be Built in Uganda

Partnership for Change

Aga Khan and Musoveni at the Land Grant CeremonyBY SHARIFFA KESHAVJEE

The sacred space is set
The energy is invoked
The earth’s ochre red
Makes a path through the green.
Reflected in the Ismaili and Uganda flag
The logo of the university
Radiating, rippling outwards

Our world of rapid change
Meets in Uganda to break the ground
Nakawa is chosen to propel
the University Hospital

To reach beyond its borders
The frontiers of Science
Radiation ever outwards

Decades of decay at Mulago
A new seed of hope is planted
Pioneering pluralism
In Uganda’s rich soil
Revitalizing the land
For life long learning
Radiating ever outwards

Coat of Arms Uganda, AKU Logo, Flags Uganada and Ismaili ImamatThe President and Imam’s vision
Bringing to the region
Appropriate advanced Health Care
The people can access
Here at home the very best
The youth empowered to remain
Here at home to give their best practices
Expanding ever outwards

The people rejoice with lush voices
Their partners join hands to celebrate
This great milestone laid by the red bricks
That fulfills the words of the anthem
That ever propel outwards

Aga Khan Musoveni Kampala

Salute to the President and Imam for
Their vision, their respect
For national progress
Global standards of excellence
To be in the frontier of scientific
and humanistic knowledge

The best in the world
Propelling expanding ever outward
An emblematic crown over Uganda

Date posted: December 18, 2015.

Copyright: Shariffa Keshavjee/Simerg


Nakawa – an area in the city of Kampala.
Mulago – The hospital located on Mulago Hill in Kampala.

Links to stories and videos of the Land Grant Ceremony of the new Aga Khan University Teaching Hospital to be built in Uganada:

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Also, http://www.nanowisdoms.org is an excellent resource for speeches of Mawlana Hazar Imam.

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4 thoughts on “A Reflection on the Land Grant Ceremony of the New World Class Aga Khan University Hospital to be Built in Uganda

  1. Wow, what a good progress for the “Ugandans” by our Mawla for establishing projects
    in co-operation with H.E.Yoweri Museveni,for H.H.The Aga Khan University Hospital in
    Kampala, open for all humanity. We feel very proud as we were born there.
    Thank you

  2. Really chuffed to see what our beloved Hazar Imam is doing for the betterment of the humanity without class creed or race or religion.!

  3. To serve the global community and humankind is in the gene of our beloved Hazar Imam…hats off to President Moseveni forsuch a glorious reception of the Imam-e-Zaman…love you Mr. President

    Dr. Karim
    Buni, Chitral

  4. It brings nostalgia, that during my stay there it was inconceivable for Uganda to reach such a peak of Progress! What is now happening has been made possible due to the work of our Beloved Aga Khan IV, the hereditary Imam of Shia Ismaili Muslims who has reached the age of 79, but who has striven on making a difference globally under the Aegis of AKDN, Aga Khan Development Network. May he be rewarded for his devotion to Humanity that is his Mission.

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