Passings: Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim

“Throw my ashes
where you will
but lest you err
know this
I want children’s laughter
in my dead ears”
 (Salim Ebrahim, from Epigrams I)

Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim

Salim e-a Ebrahim

It is with deep sadness that we announce the recent passing in Pakistan of Mr. Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim, an epigrammatist, poet, essayist and a friend to Simerg. A prolific and fearless writer, he was the author of Reason! The Measure of Thought, a collection of 500 original epigrams as well as The Hourglass and the Pen – the Measures of Thought, a short booklet of original epigrams and poems, which is now out of print.

Excellence is a never ending journey to understand one’s own hazy and even
fearsome areas of the mind: needs, wants, desires, greed, jealousy, anger,
revenge, power, status, pride, arrogance, intolerance, rigidity, tyranny, violence
and battering, cruelty, sadism and masochism, lying, cheating, hypocrisy – and
the rectifying of those parts of the mind in both thought and action —
Salim e-a Ebrahim from Dialog…, see link below.

We pray that Mr. Salim Ebrahim’s soul may rest in eternal peace. We also convey our heartfelt condolences to all his family members and friends around the world.

We honour Mr. Ebrahim by providing links to numerous pieces that he contributed to this website. His comments and contributions in the formative months of this website encouraged us to create a special category for poetry.

Date posted: January 10, 2016.


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4 thoughts on “Passings: Salim-el-azhar Ebrahim

  1. An ideal Ismaili with staunch and unshakable faith, humility, compassionate, dedicated, down-to-earth and always there to help those in need. His thirst for knowledge of early bani Fatimid Empire, Ismaili gnosis unquenchable. I was blessed to be a close friend with Salim. His soul’s journey submerging unto the Divine Noori of supreme eternity’s realms, the Imam-e-Zaman.

  2. Firstly, please permit me to introduce myself to you. I am Cornel Hillary Candappa, who happened to be a very close friend of Salim Ebrahim who passed away recently in Pakistan. Grieved, much as you too must be at his sudden demise, it took me and my wife a long time to contend with his illness and sad passing. Up until recently, we have been corresponding often over the internet, exchanging views on a variety of topics, which were sometimes evocative of his ebullient nature. The last venture he called me about, was to elicit my comments on his book he was contemplating on publishing, which sadly didn’t get off the ground. Never did he divulge to me, that he was in ill health, let alone that he had other siblings, in other parts of the world. He was a private man indeed, who did not find it easy to understand the fickle mindedness of humanity in a broad sense, hence had few friends. He was a perfectionist, who expected his peers to conform to his idealistic standards, and fell afoul of them when they didn’t. I considered myself one of those lesser mortals, who was able to penetrate his soul searching mind, share in his banter of men and matters, but keeping to the periphery of his philosophical thoughts.
    My first encounter with Salim was in Zanzibar, when we attended an International Conference in StoneTown, Zanzibar, under the auspices of the UN, of the ecological impact on the global environment, way back in 1992. We continued our friendship, with him engaging me as his architect to develop and create his dream project, ” Hotel Karvan Serai ” in StoneTown towards the latter stage of my stay in ZNZ.
    This was a challenge to both of us, firstly because it was a dilapidated, and decrepit 5 storeyed structure that demanded sensitive transformation, and secondly an object of having to deal with the prevalent bureaucracy, and corruption of the patrons who leased it to him.
    Long story short, it was a failure, a dismal loss in terms of payback terms that the Government demanded on his investment. This led poor Salim to liquidate his investment, amidst recurrent bouts of vociferous confrontations, with the multitudes demanding pay offs.
    May I declare my sincere affection for Salim, which was mutual. May eternal rest grant unto his soul and God give him peace.
    Warm regards,
    Cornel Hillary Candappa
    California, USA.

  3. My uncle Salim was a courageous warrior for truth, equity and justice. A witty man who had a sharp, keen intellect and a kind heart. Being well read and knowledgeable, he was never without a strongly held opinion and was someone you could have deep, meaningful conversations with, though he never suffered fools well! He will be missed. I pray his soul rest in eternal peace.

  4. May his soul continue the journey to become one again with The Nur of Allah and Imam , with eternal peace, love and happiness. Amen

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