2016 US Presidential Election: An American Reflects on Conversations on Radio, Mart, Street and Travel



The word on the street

The words through upstate roads read;
‘Trump & Pence — make America great again’.
Broken parts and broken starts looking for a change.
A shake up! a break up! A nuclear-headed rake up.
Of wall-making, fear-shaking, yet history has shown,
the best way to make ahead, use the pen not the sword.
‘No free lunch’, no free feathers, no easy out from your niche,
you just gotta work hard, get an education, know your holes from your stitch.
‘Female use, it ain’t abuse, No matter what they say’,
Let’s set it straight, no time to wait,
Nov 8th’s election day!

She’s a game, more o’ the same, the white under cover:
more false guise, no paradise, something hidden it does seem.
The word on the radio, the mart, at the gym,
‘Scratch my back,I’ll scratch yours, Forget about him!’
‘She’s experienced, makes a difference, tolerated throughout nations’,
breaking fences, donning graces, success is in the patience.
People jaded, energy faded, Fear mongering, naught will do,
illegals out, immigration in, to rise further than you know who.
Elbow grease, past below your knees, then you’ll better your very lot.
White is right but tan I must, insulate home, not the foreign polyglot.

The clothes in the closet

Ohhhhh, and…
Ahhhhhh, Harlequin you are.
Power. ego. money?

Elapidae & Crotalidae in guise.
Which poison you reckon, is best disguised?
Venom of power or ego or flair,
slithery? quick-tongued?, which one do you dare?
The danger of rage, blind-sighted and leather,
the devious smirk, quiet slide on shiny bed feather.
Silken and sweet tongues, words we can share,
but mine is the power, alone you can fare.
Yet once home, the snakeskin as all, comes undone,
but I am the President! The powerful one.

The person on the street

Energy drained, folk feeling behind,
Investments external, is there justice in kind?
‘Drain the swamp’, yes, drain swamp do.
Politics done, a new way to brew.
Media blazing, immigrant hazing, create ploys clouding clarity!
If they focus on ruffles, rather than meat of the truffle,
their real work, truly a rarity!
‘Cyber bully, White Nationalist, multiculturalism, she’s Communist’.

Imbalanced see-saw, as a disease, swirling left, right and skelter,
unkempt is our nation, many in frustration,
kind neighbors give some shelter.
Fix our homeland, strengthen friendship,
responsible care and understanding.
Why unconscionable, intelligent people?
Where will we go with these misunderstandings?
Welfare city, 40K pretty, when the rest work so hard,
create jobs, not fancy knobs, civil society is the card.

Date posted: November 4, 2016.

Copyright: Sara Badruddin/Simerg. 2016.


Sara Badruddin lives north of USA’s southern states. This piece reflects her experiences of conversations on radio, the mart, the street, and the travels on the eastern part of the USA and Canada as pertaining to the election for US President on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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