Reflections on the Aga Khan by an Esteemed African Mwalimu

A PEARL FOR A MONARCH OF FAITH AND PRACTICALITY: We may read the daily paper, watch a TV programme, resort to a banking, insurance or other financial service, attend school or receive medical care. Hardly are we aware that most of these times we are benefiting from an Aga Khan enterprise. Even more importantly, few of us in East Africa, especially in the urban areas, ever go through the day without interacting with “subjects” of the Aga Khan, at work, at school or at play. This already hints at the sovereignty, the virtual ‘Head-of-State’ status, of the Aga Khan. But the story is even more intricate and fascinating, as I found out when I started looking around a little. CLICK TO READ PROFESSOR AUSTIN BUKENYA’S COMPLETE ARTICLE

Please click on photo to read Mwalimu Bukenya’s essay on the Aga Khan.

Date posted: October 18, 2017.


One thought on “Reflections on the Aga Khan by an Esteemed African Mwalimu

  1. Who takes the time to think levelheaded……….! I am from Calgary and you would think this advanced society would understand the Mayoral elect approach ……. Hmmmmmmm……! lo behold….! listening to CBC radio,the comments….?? INCLUSIVE and PLURALISTIC behaviour easy to say… when applied,hard to digest……!! Very well said MFALME MWALIMU.

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