Photos and Story of Internment at Banff and Jasper National Parks During World War I, and Jehangir Merchant’s 1961 Internment in Mozambique

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Malik Merchant’s recent visit to Jasper National Park to attend the Dark Sky event apparently taught him an important new lesson in Canadian History — the internment of Ukrainians and others from European countries who were deemed to be “enemy aliens” by the Canadian Government. While reflecting on this sad chapter, Malik’s thoughts also turned to the internment of his own father, Jehangir Merchant, in Mozambique in 1961 for almost 6 months for holding an Indian passport. Read and share his post which includes excerpts from a loving letter that Jehangir wrote to his beloved wife, Malek, as a new member was added to the Merchant family just as the internment of Indian citizens got underway. Please click HERE or on the image below for the article and photos in Simergphotos.

Please click on photo for article

Date posted: October 25, 2022.



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