Stunning photos: Banff National Park’s beautiful animals and nature in the thick of a Canadian winter


If you are in Alberta, and are waiting for warmer weather to see Banff National Park’s emerald coloured lakes, green forests and wildlife, make no mistake that the Park offers extraordinary scenery in winter. Its snow covered mountains and frozen lakes will baffle your eyes and, with the exception of bears who will be in hibernation for a few more weeks, you will also encounter an amazing variety of wildlife. Malik Merchant’s short excursion to Banff and Lake Louise offered him a rare opportunity to witness how Albertans, Canadians and people from all over the world come to Banff to enjoy its extraordinary mountains, ski resorts, sulphur springs, canyons and trails….as well as coffee shops, restaurants and art galleries! Please click HERE or on the photo below for Merchant’s story and photographs on Simergphotos.

A coyote off Banff’s Tunnel Mountain Road. Please click on image for story and more photos.

Featured photos at top of post: A CP freight train passes through Morant’s curve on the Bow Valley Parkway (Hwy 1A), 6 kms from Lake Louise. The lookout point is a very popular spot for visitors as it offers a stunning view of trains coming around the bend, with the Bow River flowing along the side and mountains in the background. It is a dream spot for train lovers! The frequency of the trains is unreliable, though.

Date posted: March 14, 2023.


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