Must See Film: The Spirit of Nowruz — One Family, One Song

“I think we all recognize that nothing in our world is more necessary than the spirit of Navroz. When we see all the conflicts, the plights of migrants and refugees, when we see the rise of xenophobia and racism in so many parts of the world, it is clear that we all need the spirit of Navroz” — António Guterres, UN Secretary General, quote from film.

Simerg is pleased to present a special YouTube feature on Navroz entitled “The Spirit of Nowruz: Marking the Start of Spring” that was organized by the US Library of Congress (LOC). The entire LOC program with discussions and a Q&A session is almost 1 hour and 13 minutes long. The informative 45 minute film by award-winning documentary and educational film producer and director Farzin Rezaeian commences at the 15th minute mark of the program with remarks by UNSG António Guterres. The film provides viewers with an excellent overview of the history of Navroz and how the festival is celebrated today across different countries, cultures, traditions and faiths. Every aspect of Navroz is covered in this fine — and at times heart-warming — film that will raise our spirits as we commence the New Year on March 21, 2023, followed by the holy month of Ramadhan two days later, on March 23.

Film commences at around the 15th minute mark. NOTE: The YouTube presentation takes a few moments before it begins.

Date posted: March 18, 2023.


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One thought on “Must See Film: The Spirit of Nowruz — One Family, One Song

  1. Explanation and presentation of Navroz are outstanding.
    Simerg has always done the best in presenting all the knowledge available on a particular topic or field. Awesome.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Nowruz Mubarak.

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