Editor’s Choice: A Photo Report of the 2020 Hajj in The Washington Post

Sterilized Pebbles, Holy Water in Plastic Bottles, Tracking Wristbands are all Part of Covid-19 measures for the annual Hajj that is currently underway in Mecca, as mentioned in our last post.

We now invite our readers to see some remarkable photos in The Washington Post of the 2020 Hajj. Please click on A Trickle of Hajj Pilgrims Where Millions Once Worshiped or on photo below.

Please click on image to see complete story in The Washington Post.

Featured image at top of page (NASA photo): Astronaut Scott Kelly posted the photo taken from the International Space Station to Twitter on Sept. 23, 2015 with the caption, “#GoodMorning to the Holy City of #Mecca #Makkah! #YearInSpace”. 

Date posted: July 30, 2020.