Azim Premji raises the bar of philanthropy in India PLUS watch his conversation with Council on Foreign Relations

We present two very interesting YouTube videos related to India’s Azim Premji, who this week announced an increase in his philanthropic commitment to the Azim Premji Foundation by $7.5 billion, taking his overall commitment to his endowment to $21 billion.

The news which has been reported widely in media around the world generated a very interesting panel discussion on the Indian Channel ET NOW about the future of philanthropy in India. We provide the link to the panel discussion as well as another link to an insightful program by the Council on Foreign Relations in which Azim Premji discusses his role as founder and manager of Wipro Limited, and  his philanthropic work in providing quality education in rural India.

Ismaili readers may be interested to know that in 2016 Azim Premji was a keynote speaker via  remote video at the founders, mentors and investors gathering in Silicon Valley, organized by the Ismaili Professionals Network (IPN). The event  was a chance for budding companies to access new sources of capital and connect with mentors and experts.

It is hoped that the presentations and discussions that took place at the IPN event, and especially Azim Premji’s address, will be made readily accessible worldwide for the benefit of everyone, just as the Council on Foreign Relations has made its video on the visionary leader of Wipro available on YouTube. (If a video is available, please submit link in feedback form below or email it to


Date posted: March 14, 2019.
Last updated: March 15, 2019.