Photos: Aga Khan Park’s New Visitor, a Beautiful Fox, Fall Colours and Superb Pictures from the Silk Roads

Malik Merchant spends a chilly morning at Aga Khan Park, sees brilliant autumn colours on maple trees and encounters a lovable fox. And walking through the park, he sees panels of brilliant photographs captured by Christopher Wilson-Steer during his 40,000 journey from Venice to Beijing. Click SIMERGPHOTOS or on image below to view photos and videos from an absorbing day at the Park and the Aga Khan Museum.

Autumn colours at Aga Khan Park. Click on image for story, photos and videos.
Fall colours, the Ismaili flag and a fox at Aga Khan Park.
Aga Khan Park’s new visitor, a beautiful fox, walks along a wall in front of the Ismaili Flag at Aga Khan Park. Please click on image for story, photos and videos.