EXCLUSIVE: Ismailis in China – A Travelogue with a Special Photo Collection by Ghulam Panjwani

By Abdulmalik J. A Merchant

Abdulmalik Merchant,  Publisher-Editor, Simerg

Abdulmalik Merchant, Publisher-Editor, Simerg

Between Simerg and its photo website Simergphotos, I have published almost 900 pieces (see Table of Contents) since I began blogging in early 2009. I am thrilled about every piece that I receive, review and publish. I work closely with the many contributors, and collaborate with them every step of the way until the piece is finally published. Readers’ feedback varies from article to article, but the best response has always been reserved for the photo pieces. The photos of the Tashkurgan Jamatkhana in China which I published almost 3 years ago (see A Jamatkhana in Tashkorgan, China) precipitated a tremendous outpouring of interest due to the mystery surrounding the Ismailis in China. Readers were captivated and wanted to know more. I did not have enough material to satisfy their curiosity on that subject.

All that changed with a truly remarkable collection of photos that I started receiving recently from Ghulam Panjwani of Nairobi, who over the past several years has made numerous trips to China. He and his wife Mumtaz prepared a comprehensive narrative about the Chinese Ismailis including their social and religious customs and traditions.

PLEASE CLICK: Ismailis in China – A Travelogue with a Special Photo Collection

That the Panjwanis have decided to share their valuable experience and inside knowledge via Simerg is a source of immense happiness to me, and I am deeply grateful to them for their special contribution, as we embark on a new exciting year at Simerg and Simergphotos.

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I hope you enjoy Ghulam’s piece for the New Year! My parents, Jehangir and Maleksultan Merchant, and daughter Nurin join me in wishing you and your families a very happy and joyous 2014. May all your wishes be fulfilled.

Please click on image below or Ismailis in China – A Travelogue with a Special Photo Collection