Nairobi’s Iconic ‘Town Jamatkhana’, Once the ‘Darkhana’ of Kenya, Celebrates 100 Years

Nairobi’s Town Jamatkhana was opened on January 14, 1922. On its 100th anniversary, we invite our readers to read Zahir Dharsee’s highly acclaimed piece Memories of Nairobi’s Majestic Town Jamatkhana that first appeared on this website in 2011 as part of our special Jamatkhana Series

May we note that to mark the anniversary, Kenya’s Daily Nation has published a special piece co-authored by Azim Lakhani and Shamira Dostmohamed. Please read their article by clicking on Celebrating Over a Century of Ismaili Community in Kenya. It includes an excellent overview of numerous events that have taken place at the Jamatkhana over the past decade.

Please click for article and photos.

Date posted: January 14, 2022.


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