BBC Travel: Central Asia’s Pamirs Might Be the World’s Last True Adventure + Posts of Pamir Photos at Simergphotos

Happy Children Faces at the Dushnabe Ismaili Centre. Please click on image for Muslim Harji's Photo Essay.

Happy children at the Dushanbe Ismaili Centre. For a collection of remarkable photos of Tajikistan at Simergphotos, please click on links provided below.

BBC Travel has just published a gallery of photos on the Pamirs of Gorno-Badakhshan, a vast region mainly inhabited by Ismaili Muslims. To view the gallery, please click on Living on the Roof of the World.

We invite our readers to also visit our own posts containing a vast selection of outstanding photos from Tajikistan taken by Muslim Harji, A.M. Rajput and others by clicking on the following links:

Date posted: October 3, 2016.