The Iconic Ismaili Centre in Dubai by Muslim and Nevin Harji @Simerg

Dubai’s Jewel: The Ismaili Community’s Congregational Space

“This new Centre is itself a profoundly spiritual place. Its defining symbolism is inspired by the Fatimid tradition — stretching back over 1000 years and widely shared with sister traditions throughout the Islamic world….Just as Dubai is indeed a very special place, this is also a very special time. For me this is particularly true because this new beginning coincides with my 50th year as Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims — a Golden Jubilee moment which connects the past to the future for me and in a special way. 

“And that is what this celebration today is all about — at a time of demanding challenge, we look for strength and inspiration from our spiritual and cultural roots.” – Excerpts from the speech by His Highness the Aga Khan at the Inauguration of The Ismaili Centre Dubai – 26 March 2008.

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