A Six Year Old Girl’s Tender Story from the Diamond Jubilee of His Highness the Aga Khan: “Mawla Fulfilled My Wish” by Sakerkhanu Gulamhusain

The auspicious day for the Didar of Hazrat Imam Sultan Mahomed Shah finally arrived, and words are inadequate to express the joy and thrill that I felt within myself. Students came in turns to present their wonderful recitals before the Jamat. I was dressed in my lovely white dress, and as my name was called out I went up on the stage and stood before the mike to present the poem that I had learnt and practiced so well. Just as I finished my recitation, there was a deafening ovation from the Jamat, accompanied with the resounding claps and shouts of “once more, once more”…..Read More

“Mawla Fulfilled My Wish”

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