Historical Illustrations: Ibn Sina and his Canon of Medicine @ Simergphotos

One of the most famous exponents of Muslim universalism and an eminent figure in Islamic learning was Ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna (981-1037). For a thousand years he has retained his original renown as one of the greatest thinkers and medical scholars in history. His most important medical works are the Qanun (Canon) and a treatise on Cardiac drugs…..The enduring respect in the 21st century for a book written a millennium earlier is testimony to Ibn Sina’s achievement….”

Historical Images: Ibn Sina and His Canon of Medicine

Arteries and Viscera -  depiction in Avicenna's Canon of Medicine). Please click for historical images. Credit" Wellc ome Images. Copyright.

Arteries and Viscera – depiction in Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine. Please click on image for article. Credit: Wellcome Images. Copyright.