“Fire” – A Poem by Mohezin Tejani and “An Opportunity of a Lifetime” by Ahamed Ismail


Fire by Mohezin Tejani

Please click for “Fire” by Mohezin Tejani


An Opportunity of a Lifetime – Recitation of Qur’anic Verses in the Presence of His Highness the Aga Khan By Ahamed Ismail

Please click for “An Opportunity of a Lifetime” by Ahamed Ismail


Forthcoming (in “Thanking Ismaili Historical Figures”):
The Greatness of Isma‘ili Muslim Thought: A Tribute to the School of Isma‘ili Philosophers by Khalil Andani

One thought on ““Fire” – A Poem by Mohezin Tejani and “An Opportunity of a Lifetime” by Ahamed Ismail

  1. Ya Ali madad. Your article `An opportunity of a Lifetime’ mentioned Karim Master and I was transported to the days when I attended The Aga Khan Boys’ School in Dar-es-salaam. We were a class of some 20 girls (you read it right!) and 5 boys. Of course, even with that Karim Master followed the religious curriculum for boys. Therefore, all the girls learnt our holy Fateha. A couple of years after, when I was in Nairobi University, Mowla Bapa visited Nairobi and the students had an amazing opportunity to be around Mowla during one of His visits to the Aga Khan Secondary School. I had an opportunity of a lifetime to converse with Mowla for a few minutes. During this conversation, Mowla asked me, `Do you know Fateha?’ Normally, being a female, I would have not learnt it, but a million thanks to the wisdom of Karim Master, I had learnt Fateha and the meanings of D’ua and ginans. I was able to say, `Yes, Khudavind!

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