Readings on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.): Ismaili Ginanic Literature, Two Songs and a Maulid in Lamu


Supermoon over Toronto, night of March 19, 2011. Photo by Jim Bowie. Copyright.

While the Holy Qur’an describes the Nabi as ‘Bright Lamp’, the Ginans use the symbol of ‘Chandni’ (Moon Light) for the Prophet. Both in the Holy Qur’an and the Ginans, the Prophet is seen as  a Rahemat (Mercy) to mankind.

Please click: Prophet Muhammad is Symbol of Moon-Light, a Mercy to All Nations, and Intercessor



 The songs introduce us to some of the titles by which Prophet Muhammad came to be known and how the first mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, Masjeedun-Nabee, was built.

Please click: Two Songs for Miladun-Nabee



And a Maulid in Lamu, East Africa, in 2012

….the festivities and events in Lamu lasted for more than a week. Donkey races, dhow races, various cultural activities including the singing of qasidas and a koran memorization contest lent the town a carnival atmosphere, while free medical care and educational workshops represented more serious social aspects of the event.

Please click: Understanding a Diaspora Through Lamu Maulid

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