Compendium of Ismaili Artists from Around the World: A Simerg Initiative

Simerg is delighted to introduce a preview edition of the long awaited arts compendium of Ismaili artists. The publication currently profiles 19 Ismaili visual artists from around the world, and more entries will be added as we hear from Ismaili artists – professionals and non-professionals alike. We ask that artists submit a brief profile and an image from one of their art pieces for inclusion in the next updated version of this unique “directory.” The updated version, which will be designated as the first official edition, will be published on October 1, 2014. To download or view the preview version of the compendium, please click on the image below.


Ismaili Artist Compendium Cover with Thumbnails

6 thoughts on “Compendium of Ismaili Artists from Around the World: A Simerg Initiative

  1. Dr. Nizar Makan’s acrylic paintings in acrylic are very beautiful with vivid colours and reminds me of the Impressionist period. Congratulations cousin; you are truly talented!

  2. This is an extremely productive initiative towards our community. Highly appreciated because I am also an artist and art educator from Hunza, Pakistan based in Lahore these days.
    Aleem Dad Khan

  3. An analogy I will use : just as 5 different fingers, all necessary, stem from one hand, so all these artists speak to some spirit inside each of us probably if we take the time. All peaceful, all opening windows onto different visions and perspectives. What a terrific idea to compile such a compendium. I hope they add more work to showcase to their individual pages in this compendium.

  4. There is a lot of talent in our community – be it painting, sculpting or poetry. Thank you Simerg for making a start by these wonderful artists. It would be brilliant if there was a photo of each artist so that we can recognise any future works by them.

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