Joint Simerg-Ismaili Artists Collaboration Results in Compendium of Ismaili Artists from Around the World

Simerg with the support of Ismaili artists from around the world is pleased to release the first official version of A Compendium of Ismaili Artists, following a preview version that was circulated about a month ago. The new publication profiles more than thirty Ismaili visual artists from around the world – professionals and non-professionals alike. The compendium will be updated on a monthly basis, and we invite unlisted artists to submit their profiles with an image from one of their art works to Please download or view the exciting new publication by clicking on A Compendium of Ismaili Artists or on the following image:

Please click on image to download compendium

Please click on image to download compendium

Compendium of Ismaili Artists from Around the World: A Simerg Initiative

Simerg is delighted to introduce a preview edition of the long awaited arts compendium of Ismaili artists. The publication currently profiles 19 Ismaili visual artists from around the world, and more entries will be added as we hear from Ismaili artists – professionals and non-professionals alike. We ask that artists submit a brief profile and an image from one of their art pieces for inclusion in the next updated version of this unique “directory.” The updated version, which will be designated as the first official edition, will be published on October 1, 2014. To download or view the preview version of the compendium, please click on the image below.


Ismaili Artist Compendium Cover with Thumbnails

Compendium of Works of Art by Ismaili Artists

“Touched by the Essence” by Naznin-Virji Babul, Vancouver, Canada.

Simerg wishes to partner with Ismaili artists from around the world to feature a selection of their visual representations on this website. Artists are invited to submit two or three small to medium sized images of their works for a special compendium which will be published on this blog during summer of 2012, with regular updates thereafter. Artists are requested to include their short profiles, and provide links to their own websites or other on-line resources as well as galleries where their complete works are available for viewing.

“Nur i” by Rubina Rajan, Vancouver, Canada

Artists may be aware that Simerg has a special category for visual arts which features numerous Ismaili artists (Visual Arts: The Artists and their Works). However, this category is under-represented. We feel there is an incredible amount of talent within the Ismaili art community which needs to be recognized and appreciated; and a compendium, regularly updated, will be a definitive source for identifying and learning more about Ismaili visual artists. We are also confident that the compendium will help artists attain wider exposure, considering this website’s growing worldwide readership.

We look forward to hearing from all Ismaili artists around the world, professionals and non-professionals alike, for inclusion in this special compendium earmarked for summer 2012. Please submit your images with a brief profile to

Thank you

Malik Merchant
Ottawa, CANADA

Note: The publication of this compendium has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope to publish it during Autumn 2013.