A Message to Our Beloved Ismaili Brothers and Sisters in Syria: Our Hearts and Prayers are With You, You are Never Alone!

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Salamiyah and surrounding areas shaded in yellow. Map: Adapted from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Please click for enlargement.

Salamiyah and surrounding areas shaded in yellow. Map: Adapted by Simerg from a map produced by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Please click for enlargement.


In a special post on January 30, 2013, we had mourned the death of numerous members of the Jamat who were brutally killed in Salamiyah, Syria, by suicide bombers. Simerg had paid tribute to these Jamati members with a thoughtful poem (republished below), and sincerely hoped and prayed that peace would return to Syria.

For those not familiar with Ismaili history, the groundwork for the establishment of Fatimid Caliphate over a thousand years ago was laid in Salamiyah — such is its importance and place in Ismaili history. The 11th Imam, al-Mahdi, set out from Salamiyah in the late  ninth century for the long 3,500km caravan journey to Sijilmasa in North Africa, as a first step in establishing the Caliphate. For over 1200 years, Salamiyah (pop. 187,123, by 2004 census) has been home to tens of thousands of Ismailis, who have lived peacefully, side by side, with Sunni and other Shia Muslims as well as the non-Muslim communities. Indeed, the Ismaili Imamat projects in Syria are designed for the well-being and progress of the entire Syrian nation.

The recent beheadings of Westerners, as well as deeply humiliating treatment, torture and beheadings of Shia and Sunni Muslims opposed to IS (Islamic State), including the burning of a Jordanian air pilot captured by ISIS militants, indicate that the ISIS acts of barbarism are not likely to cease.

Letter to ISIS from Muslim scholarsWe now report with utmost dismay, sadness and profound sorrow that during the last 2 weeks, Ismailis along with members of Sunni and other Shia communities have become victims of IS terror once again. The website of the US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry, reports in a new release dated April 3, 2015, that “ISIL recently massacred over 40 people in Mabuja in Hama province – reportedly Ismailis and Alawites, including women and children”. [2]

The Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Rob Nicholson, in his statement issued on April 2, noted that “…the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIL] has demonstrated its contempt for the sanctity of human life through its March 31 attack on the Syrian town of Al Maboujeh, on the outskirts of Salamiyeh. Reports indicate that over 40 people, mostly civilians, were killed, and that dozens more were injured. An unknown number of civilians were also reportedly abducted by the terrorist group. As ISIL continues its campaign to seize territory in Syria, innocent people such as those in Salamiyeh are at risk. Al Maboujeh is largely populated by religious and ethnic minority communities, including Christians, Druze, Alawites, Sunni Bedouins, Shi’a Ismailis, among others, who have been systematically targeted and persecuted by ISIL terrorists.” [3]

A view of Salamiyah. Photo: Wikipedia.

A view of Salamiyah. Photo: Wikipedia.

The website SYRIA DEEPLY, which provides an overview of the latest news, says in a summary that “according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, ISIS militants had killed Alawite, Ismaili and Sunni residents of Mabouja by ‘burning, beheading, and firing on them’.”

It further notes in its dispatch that “IS has been moving westward across Syria in a bid to eventually take Salamiyah, a town east of Hama city” (see map above). The report includes a statement by an anonymous IS militant to Reuters that the Hama campaign is aimed eventually to take Salamiyah. “The ultimate goal is to liberate Salamiyah and Hama but it will not happen before Islamic State is 100 percent ready.” [4]

This is very worrying for all residents of Salamiyah, and everyone around the world who have family members in and around Salamiyah and elsewhere in Syria.

As a united and a deeply loyal community under Mawlana Hazar Imam’s leadership, we deeply feel for our  Syrian brothers and sisters, especially when lives are lost in such senseless acts by IS. We reassure the Syrian Jamat of our concern for them, as well as our deep affection and love for them. Mawlana Hazar Imam himself has articulated that as Imam “his first concern is for the security of his followers.” [5]

We pray for the souls of all those individuals who have lost their lives, and assure the Syrian Jamat of our constant prayers for their strength of faith and courage at such a difficult time in their history. We sincerely offer prayers that peace returns to their homeland soon. This can only occur when political leaders who are opposed to each other come together for the greater welfare of people of Syria. Dialogue, which has failed in the past, is the only solution for peace and long-term stability in the country. Compromise is an essential component in this process towards stability and peace.


YOUR FEEDBACK: We invite our readers to offer their solidarity with the Ismaili jamat in Syria and the people of Syria by expressing their sorrows and feelings by clicking on Leave a Comment or in the comment box below. If you encounter any difficulty in submitting your comment, please email your comment for publication to Simerg@aol.com, subject “Syria.”


“Peace Will Be Again”

Dates in season - Salamiyya, Syria


Salaam , al Salaam, O salaam
to all of humanity, Peace

al Salamiyeh , KNOW that Peace will be again.
the heavens will smile on you again.
all humanity which speaks for Peace
has promised that
the planet has your place

al Salamiyeh, more than a thousand years before
prayers were seeds of this ground
a grassland lying on Syrian steppes
a fertile plain of hope
a soft quiet spawning the golden age
a diverse Ummah immersed with the Fatimids…
you’ve nurtured yourself for the heavens here
and it is not all gone today.
you are not lost to us; neither sand grain lost to the sky.
as hearts are the stronger carrying yours
as anguish is balanced with resolute prayer
transformed, you will return, al Salamiyeh
the world is not asleep.

we are an entire Ummah living together in al Salamiyeh
the world has not left you
nor any other facing terror —
“you may feel alone
but you are not alone”
does not your date tree stand strong in windstorm?
and your smile not nourish your child?
He is “Always with you, Always with you”
and the world will not sleep.

not dogma, not terror,
there’s no martyrdom in suicide!
whosoever taketh life of another..
brutal condemnation
the bestiality of his own cowardly nature
who will betray your homeland and ours
has fallen to the brainwashing of his idols
and their very own envy

not even an animal kills but of hunger
leave them to their desolate running.
only, the ends of the earth are round
and of the heavens, eternal.
where will they go?

and the world will not sleep
all day and all night
across our globe
Ismailis holding hands with every other faith
for all of Syria and for all your families.
“you are not alone, you are never alone”

our seven days, a satado,
are seven ages of pain vanquished
are hearts awry yet steadfast
and hope takes root in this action
then Time too will make space..

and these fools will not rule
fear not the evils, for though they have drained innocent blood,
their souls and hearts are for His Taking

Salaam , al Salaam, O salaam
to all of humanity, Peace.

Date posted: Sunday, April 5, 2015.
Last updated: April 5, 2015 (quote from a letter from Muslim scholars to ISIS).

Note: The poem by Elia Badrudin was originally published on January 30, 2013 following the deaths of several Ismailis from a suicide bomb attack in Salamiyah.


We invite our readers to offer their solidarity with the Ismaili jamat in Syria and the people of Syria by expressing their sorrows and feelings by clicking on Leave a Comment or in the comment box below. If you encounter any difficulty in submitting your comment, please email your comment for publication to Simerg@aol.com, subject “Syria.”


Quotation References:

[1] English text of complete letter to ISIS at http://www.lettertobaghdadi.com/14/english-v14.pdf.
[2] http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2015/04/240326.htm
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[5] Voices: “The Power of Wisdom” – His Highness the Aga Khan’s Interview with Politique Internationale


Great Moments in Ismaili History: The Establishment of the Fatimid Caliphate by Jehangir A. Merchant.


Please note that Simerg is an independent initiative. It is not affiliated with any organizations or institutions, and thus the views expressed here are those of the authors.

46 thoughts on “A Message to Our Beloved Ismaili Brothers and Sisters in Syria: Our Hearts and Prayers are With You, You are Never Alone!

  1. May Mawla grant you sabr and takes away all your anxieties and bring your lives as as well as the life of all Syrians back to normal. May you live in peace.

  2. Thank you for all your wonderful feelings, and prayers, but actually the people in Syria and Salamieh need more than just feelings and prayers. They need action and I hope much more is done to address their plight.

  3. I wish we could be kept updated with the situation in Syria on a regular basis. My heart goes to our brothers and sisters.

  4. I hope from the bottom of my heart, that may Allah protect my Syrian Ismailis Muslim brothers and sisters in this very extreme difficult time. May Imam e Zaman be with all Syrian Jamahat. May Moushkel Aassan ease your Moushkel .

    يا علي بلطفك أدركني
    ياعلي مشكل آسان
    يا مولا تو رحم كن
    يا صاحب الزمان تو جماعت را نگهدار

  5. May the misguided in the name of Islam be granted Allah’s grace and stop massacre in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain…the world over with their wrong perception of true Islam and give up their allegiance to external powers and enemy states wherever they are to influence these individuals. We pray for their wisdom and ask Allah to keep them on the Straight Path of Islam, Ameen.

  6. Prayers. If we unite and talk to one another and stick to what Mawla wants us to do (unite) then there is no obstacle we cannot shift out of the way. Salamiyah needs protecting. The people need an escape route, too. There is cancer there because of what I am given to understand was dumping of radioactive waste there. Please let’s work together. @kirimba

  7. Ya Ali Madad
    Friend, brother, … I have so much pain in my heart, I can not write … my tears are bigger than my chances to talk. Are united and together to face the barbarism!
    Mawla Ali Madad.

    Abd an-Nur al-Gharib

  8. Difficult times do come in life of an individual or jamat but we must face them with courage and patience. I just want to tell my brothers and sisters in faith dwelling in Salamiyah that you are not alone there; we all are with you and will stand by you and we are ready to help you in any possible way we can.
    I pray that may you and your families be safe and may soon peace returns to your place (Ameen)

  9. Malik, I just read this article. The least I will do is to send it to our Co-ordinator of Reading Club in my city as we are going to discuss a Master’s Thesis written by a Syrian in our next session. I will also send the link to a few Syrian Ismaili friends I know just in case the comments before mine full of their brothers/sisters from Syria help them to share our collected prayers to all Muslims, Ismailis or of other faiths for the barbarism of this new cancer of IS that has cropped up. Allah is all-knowing and is with all the victims, Ameen.

  10. Dear Syrian Brothers and Sisters. I am writing this to you from USA to let you know that our prayers and good wishes are always with you. May Mowlana Hazar Imam grant all Syrian Murids respite from their troubles and bless them with peace and prosperity. (Amen)

  11. WE pray for our all in Syria. May Mowla help and keep you under his umbrella in these difficult times. May Mawla bless all souls and give them a abode in heaven.

  12. My heartfelt sincere and warm condolences to the innocent lives of the Syrians being taken in the wantom destruction of an unwarranted war. It is indeed heart rendering and heart wrenching to see such cruelty taking place in Syria. It is my hope and prayer that sanity prevails and may Almighty Allah give strength and courage to the families who have lost their kith and kin and may their souls rest in eternal peace in the world beyond and they attain Jannathul Firdhouse. May God’s showered and choicest blessings be with the departed souls and the respective families. May God bless them always once again. Warm Regards

  13. Ya Ali Madad,

    I am Jalal from Salamieh, and I am an Ismaili teacher in the National council. From my side, I believe that your prayers with ours can open the sky for the end of this stupid civil war. So far, I really appreciate your interests and deep emotions about the Ismaili brothers and sisters.

    Your brother in faith

  14. In this situation my prayers for you. May Mawla Khudawand bring peace and security to your homes. God bless you.

  15. My deepfelt condolences to each and every family who has lost loved ones and intense prayers that Mawla gives you the courage to bear this loss and that Salamiya and indeed Syria returns to peace and tranquility. You are not alone; of that you can be sure! The world Ismailis are with you. You will prevail, inshallah! It must be so terrifying having ISIS at your doorstep! The threat is so very real.

  16. My heartfelt sympathy for the Syrian jamat. I feel extremely saddened by the torture and brutality that the jamat of Syria is facing. Our sincere prayers for their mushkil asan. May the peace and safety soon return to Syria.
    Syria jamat please stay strong to your faith. We stand by you in your difficult times .

  17. Our daily individual prayers for mushkil asan for all those who are in the warzone and affected areas, and condolences to family members who have lost their dear ones. Ameen.

  18. Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    unfortunately we had 2 rockets bombs today that targeted Salamieh city. We lost 7 people just today, a few hours ago. All of them are civilians with one 3 year old child. What a terrible situation we are in.

    Intervention has to be at the highest levels with all international agencies, including the UN, the European Union, Canada and other countries involved to protect this peaceful area. We have never been in such a situation, and this will not be resolved without stronger protection, political interventions from the leadership as well as all parties of this dirty game. We are aware lots of efforts have been made but we are in higher risk day by day.

    We need more support, more help, and stronger interventions not tomorrow but today.

    Thanking you all and trusting you will do your best possible for the safety and security of Salamieh in particular and Syria in general.

  19. Our prayers are with the bravest jamat in the world! May ALLAH protect you from all brutal acts of so-called Muslims. Syria is in our prayers.

  20. My deepest condolences to all the bereaved Ismaili families in the Syrian jamat and other jamats of the world suffering these terrible atrocities. How IS (Islamic State) can be called ‘Islamic’ is a mystery when there is nothing ISLAMIC in their deeds and actions.

  21. I am Ali Gh from Salamieh. I appreciate the attention you are giving us but our situation is extra-ordinary and in addition to prayers, we really need other kinds of action to overcome this crisis (feedback edited – Ed.).

    • Ali,

      Thank you for your feedback. More specific details about the kinds of action that you think are needed would be appreciated.

      Simerg invites Ismaili citizens of Syria and Salamiyah to participate in this discussion by providing their feedback. Responses may be edited for clarity, and are also subject to moderation. We cannot entertain letters in Arabic, unless accompanied by an English translation.


      • Thank you for the opportunity to interact. The situation is very dangerous in Salamieh. We are tracked in the city from both the east and the west by the ISIS and al Nusra fronts. The soldiers from Salamieh belong to Government force trying to defend. Note that Salamieh is represented by numerous Muslim tariqahs. We have lived peacefully together for many many years. We have some choices including:

        1. The hope that Canadian air forces will also play a role around Salamieh;
        2. More military support to Salamieh from the regime; and
        3. Possible plane evacuation of women and children from the city in case we can’t defend the city any more.

        No doubt, there is support to the community from AKDN, but it is like staying here (and dying?). Yesterday the rebels fired 2 missile at Salamieh and 10 people died, with 30 injured.

        The world should move to stop this dangerous situation around Salamieh.

        Ya Ali Madad

  22. I am sure by this time this news must have reached the whole Ismaili community of the world. The only thing we can and should do now is to pray for our brothers and sisters of Salemieh who are stuck in this conflict. Each and every murid must do Tasbih for as long as this conflict last. May Mowla bestow his blessings to every murid of the world. Ameen.

  23. I express my deep sympathy with all our Ismaili brothers and sisters in Syria who have once again victimized by the barbarians. My sincere prayers and good wishes are for the Syrian jamat and may our beloved Imam save you from all sorts of terror acts. Ameen. Ya ALi Madad.

  24. Being an Ismaili Muslim, we all have done bayah of the Imam of the Time & this means we are spiritual children of Mawlana Hazar Imam and he is our father and mother, which connects all murids around the world as Ismaili brothers and sisters.

    My deep prayers, wishes, dua, bandagi, and concern for my brothers and sisters in Syria. May our beloved Hazar Imam, the Lord of din and duniya, please bestow his protection upon the jamat and guard them with his hands on their shoulders.

    Mawla ease their difficulties, make the Syrian jamats prosperous, and bless them with long, healthy lives as well as abundance of peace and love.

    Mawla, it is my humble prayer that with your divine grace and power, the murids facing difficulties are protected. Inshallah, these humble supplications will reach you. Ameen.

  25. Ya Ali Madad,
    I am extremely grief stricken to know about my beloved spiritual brothers and sisters along with our little Masoom angles to be the victims of horrendous brutalities of ISIS thugs. May our beloved Mowlana Hazir Imam help the jamat all over to get away with their worldly and spiritual challenges and may GOD bestow them the highest place in Jannah. Let us pray to Mowla to keep all humanity under his gracious custody safe and secure. The humanity is under threat and it is time that we all need to stay united and face them without any fear. They will meet their fate soon and will burn in hell. Their end is near.

  26. My humble prayers for the peace and security for the region and our jamat. I still have a fond memories of Syria trip and visit with our jamat – friendliest people on this planet, and very sad to see the some people are ruining the region like this. Once again prayers and good wish for the peace.

  27. Your message has a very deep and touching impact on the Syrian Jamat. Your continuous support and prayers will definitely make a change hopefully. Can you publish it in Arabic as well, so all Arabic speaking jamat will be able to get your message. We can help in that if you want.
    With Ya Ali Madad.

  28. My prayers for our Syrian brothers and sisters. May Mawla bring peace and security to your homes. May the departed souls rest in peace. Ameen.

  29. I am always praying for peace in Syria and other countries where so many of my brothers and sisters have passed away. I am praying everyday for this war to stop now where so many of my brothers & sisters in Islam are being murdered. I hope may ‘ALLAH’ bestow peace in Syria, and all other countries where Shia’s are being murdered silently. Please know that all those suffering are always in my thoughts and prayers. May everyone be saved with ‘ALLAH’S’ blessings. Ameen

  30. As we pray daily for our needs and that of our family, near and dear ones, the jamat, we must pray daily till PEACE comes to the Syrian Jamat, but also those in other areas of conflict. Please do not stop praying under any circumstances. Infinite salwaats to the AHL-E-BAYAT, the sole Guardians of the UMMAH and their vision for our future. Ameen

  31. We remember you at this time and pray that peace return to you, your great city and great country. We remember you prayed for us when we were expelled from Uganda. We remember you were beloved of Prince Aly Khan and he of you – “Salamiyah ke pyare, himatwale, tumko lakho salaam”, we used to sing. (Beloved of Salamiyah, the brave one, 100 thousand greetings to you.) How he dashed out over the mountains from Beirut to declare to you that the naas had been passed to Karim al Husseini. May peace be upon him who rests in your city and may peace reign over you again. You are not forgotten.

  32. My family’s prayers for our Syrian brothers and sisters. May Mawla bring peace and security to your homes. May the departed souls rest in pace. Our hearts and prayers are for you our Syrian Jamat and we will continue praying for your safety and peace. Ameen.
    With heavy and sorrowful heart,
    Ya Ali Madad,
    Mawla Bless you all – Ameen
    Taj Kasam Kothari

  33. All I think of is how our beloved Hazar Imam must be feeling. Can you imagine how much this must hurt him? The scariest thing is there doesn’t seem to be an end to this war. In fact, things are just getting worse in so many countries – in Yemen too. Sincere prayers always.

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