Jehangir Tejani, Vancouver, Passings, Simerg (d. 2021). Photo: Farah Tejani.

Passings: Jehangir Tejani (1946 – 2021)

Submitted by RASHIDA and FARAH TEJANI, Vancouver

Originally from Uganda, Jehangir and Rashida Tejani together with their two year old daughter Farah immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, in August 1970, two years before the Ugandan refugee crisis in 1972. After working in paint sales, Jehangir opened his own business, JR Imports, until his retirement in 2015. Jehangir was an avid golfer and enjoyed playing pool. He loved cooking gourmet meals and entertaining friends and family members, and was regarded as “the life of the party.” He encountered health issues in recent months and was hospitalized. Sadly, he never recovered from his illness, and passed away on May 16, 2021 at the age of 75. His funeral was held in Vancouver on May 21, 2021. 

Jehangir is survived by his wife Rashida, daughter Farah, son Faizal and three grandchildren Donnie, Jayden and Charlize. We pray that his soul may rest in eternal peace. Ameen.

The following poem in Jehangir’s honour was penned by his daughter Farah, a creative writer based in Vancouver.

Much Too Soon To Go

Jehangir Tejani, Vancouver, Passings, Simerg (d. 2021). Photo: Farah Tejani.
Jehangir Tejani (April 8, 1946 – May 16, 2021). Photo: Farah Tejani.


Dad, how could you leave us and go so soon,
When there was so much left to do and say? 
All of us were hoping and praying, 
That you would recuperate and stay,

None of us could bare to see the pain you were in 
You, the “King of Laughter”…
But there is some consolation that your Soul’s Journey will begin, 
And finally you will be at ease in the World Hereafter.

You gave generously and rarely said “No”
Your heart was pure gold,
And quite frankly there could be no match
To the gut-busting jokes that you told.

Now here I sit with pain and tears of joy 
This double sided coin ,
Such is life here on this Earth 
We come from Him and with Him we rejoin.

I want to thank you Dad , with my most sincere heart
For the life lessons that you taught me 
And the greatest gift was you father!
Greater than anything you bought me.

Our home was open to many,
And everyone you met became your friend
It is just the way you were…
You are my inspiration and you were my friend.

Oh how many stories you would tell, 
And each one fresh and new, 
It was not difficult to attract an audience, 
Every detail was 100% true

And Dad you were a jack all trades, 
You and Mom always provided, 
Please tell me WHAT COULD YOU NOT DO?
Thank you for how you patiently guided.


You and Mom had vision and you wanted to raise us here,
Despite the comforts of Kampala, Uganda…
You took a gamble for sure,
And here me and my brother are grateful citizens of this GREAT LAND
Fearless you both were, I admire your strength and conviction.

Dad, I will call on you from time to time,
Because I know you will hear me, 
I am happy that you are not suffering…
But I will never get over the loss.
I love you, Papa Jan…You will never be far from my heart.

Date posted: June 28, 2021.


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Farah Tejani

Farah Tejani is a creative writer based in Vancouver. She is currently working on Childrens’ stories and a collection of poetry called “Elastic Embrace” to be published later this year. She has contributed numerous poems for Simerg and its sister website Barakah in recent months. Here are links to some of Farah’s poems: The Fragrance of Spring; Elastic Embrace; and The Great Sacrifice.

42 thoughts on “Passings: Jehangir Tejani (1946 – 2021)

  1. Dearest Farah,
    Thank you for your warm and kind words. I was deeply touched. I just read your post on your beloved late father. We were both truly blessed that we had kind hearted souls as fathers. I understand your pain and loved reading your poetry dedicated to your father. I wish the journey of your aunty will be painless. Nothing beats spending time with loved ones…My thoughts and prayers for all of you. Lots of love and hugs your way. Your strength will increase, your pain will decrease, your soul to help aunty, will give you peace within…once again keep strong xxx

    Thank you Malik, that in this platform we are able to express and share our thoughts.

  2. What a Beautiful tribute by Farah! Our Deepest Condolences to the whole Family. May Jehanghir’s Soul Rest in Eternal Peace..Ameen
    May Mowla Give Strength to the Family to bear the Big Loss

  3. Such a poignant and lovely tribute to your dad Farah. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Ameen.

  4. Jan uncle, I will miss you! All my love to Rashida aunty and Farah and Faisal & all those who loved him so much. I remember Jan uncle through my childhood – we always went to their house when we visited Vancouver and I have such fond memories of him and my parents and Nash and Alnoor laughing late into the night. I remember falling asleep to all their laughter. My best hope is that they are all parting together wherever they are now and that they feel peace, as is my wish for you all and all of us. Sending our best wishes. Love the poem too, Farah. Amazing tributes. I know he was so proud of his family. ✨💖✨

  5. ​My dearest Farah & Rashida,
    A lovely & befitting tribute to​ Jehangir.
    May Allah receive him in grace, mercy, and eternal peace.​ Ameen.​

  6. A child’s love and admiration for her father, beautifully written and expressed.
    The joy and sadnesses, life and death all a part of our lives, again very lovingly written.
    One day will love to meet you.

  7. Farah you are a very talented writer.
    I have a good memory of your dad.
    I went to high school with him.
    Always happy go person.

  8. He will be so missed. We had 40 years of golf in the summer and pool in the winter. We have shared many good times and laughs.

  9. Such a poignant poem from Farah for her father! I cried as I read it Farah, we will miss him but you have kept him alive in our memories for always

  10. Farah you are an amazing writer and every word is from your heart I really enjoyed every word in your poem
    It seems like your father was an amazing men although I never had an opportunity to meet him personally
    We pray that his soul rest in eternal peace Ameen

  11. This is a lovely poem Farah. He’s gone too soon but his memories will cherish. May his soul rest in eternal peace Ameen.

  12. My brother‘s moto was “do maja” and he did and made other people do maja too. It was not his time to go, we will miss him every single day of our life. He is in a better place, may Mawla rest his soul in eternal peace

    • You are so right !
      ‘Do Majaa’ ! Jehangir never disappoonted anyone. He loved cousins.. nieces.. nephews.. Great memory he has left behind. God bless.

  13. Farah a brilliant poem about my twin brother.

    Rashida, Farah, and Faisal: Dad was more my twin brother than a cousin. In Uganda we spent a lot of time together as every holidays he would
    come to Mitiana. This is how he met your mum. He was joyous, always smiling and never complained. Can’t believe he is gone.

    He will truly be missed. Mawla kul guna maaf kare, nooranni didar nasib, kare assal ma wasal kare.

    Mowla give the family strength to bear the loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


  14. Yes, gone too soon. This is a lovely poem Farah. Memories of your dad are forever imprinted in the hearts of everybody who crossed his path. He is with you.
    May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen

  15. Last time I met Jehangir was way back in late 60s when he came to my town in Uganda, Mbale with Rashida. They were on their honeymoon. What a fun to be with a guy he was. We pray as we know he is in a better place … may his soul Rest In Peace for ever. Ameen.

    PS: Lovely poem, Farah

  16. What a beautiful poem in tribute to your dad. What little we knew of your dad, he was always full of life. Always a big smile and always joking. He would light up a room. May his soul Rest In Peace.

  17. Thank you Farah for wonderfully articulating Jehangir’s character and attributes. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen
    Keep writing and sharing your pearls of expression 🙏🏽

  18. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing. May Mawla bless you with strength and courage to bear this loss and may his soul Rest In Peace.

  19. Such a beautiful write up Farah. I remember Jehangir in the good old days way back in Kampala. Tall, dark & sooo handsome. Rest in peace Jehangir.

  20. Beautiful poem by Farah, coming from her heart, has touched me. May Mr. Jehangir , her beloved father’s soul Rest In Peace. Ameen

  21. Jehangir Tejani was a legend in his time. He brought so much love and cheer to so many. I had the privilege of knowing this true gentleman over many years, as our families were so close. We will always miss him. Our heartfelt condolences to Rashida, Farah, Faizal and to all those who loved him. May he rest in eternal peace. Ameen.

  22. Jan was a sweet, kind soul with a fantastic sense of humor. I can imagine him and my brother Amin cracking jokes in the afterlife.

  23. Heartfelt, authentic and eloquent!

    Farah is gifted and writes with passion and purpose!!!!

    May Jehangir’s soul rest in eternal peace. Ameen

  24. Dear Farah.

    It is hard to lose a parent. Your poem to your Dad was so sincere and from your heart.
    May you always remember the good days and times you shared with your Dad.
    May his soul rest in peace. Peace be with you. OHM SHANTI SHANTI OHM.

    Lots of love and blessings and blessings to you


  25. Ya Ali Madad Dear Rashida Aunty and Dear Sister Farah,

    It is a beautiful write up and poem from the heart where inshallah Mowla Bapa’s Throne is…… Shukran Lillah…. Alhamdulillah…. Shukar Mowla.

    May Jehangir Tejani’s soul and all souls of ruhani rest In eternal peace continuously surrounded By Mowla Bapa’s Infinite Nur…….Ameen.

    Mowla kul ruhani ja kul guna maaf kare, Noorani Deedar nasib kare, asl mei vasl kare, ane amar shanti bakshe…….Ameen.

    May Mowla Bapa continue to give the family the strength, ability and courage to deal with his physically leaving this world……Ameen. May Mowla Bapa eliminate the family’s difficulties as if they never existed…….Ameen

    Have an Infinitely Blessed peaceful, happy and productive night / day and beyond that is filled with Infinite Peace, Light, Equanimity and Barakah……


    Take care, be safe and be infinitely blessed…….Ameen

    Ya Ali Madad

  26. Jehangir Tejani was a good friend with whom I played lot of golf and snooker. He was good at both the sports and he was always life of the party. He was also a very good cook and entertained all the friends to some excellent meals. Unfortunately he stopped to golf and I understand snooker also and did not participate with our group for a few years. But I will always cherish the times that I spent in his company. I pray that his soul rests in Eternal Peace.

    Shams Gulam

  27. Farah beautiful poem. Jehangir was also a great cook, apart from golf, pool and his funny jokes. I was happy to participate on all he did. May his soul rest in Eternal peace and may Allah give strength to his family. Amen.

    Jim Jiwani

  28. Beautifully written. She writes from the depth of her heart to her dad. Bless you Farah. May Mowla rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen

  29. Farah, you have written a very heartfelt and beautiful poem for your dad. He is in a good place now. Shukhar. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us. Praying his soul rests in peace. Ameen

  30. Awesome tribute to a decent and a wonderful person. Jehangir was also a very integral part of our family. We enjoyed our BBQ.. cooking.. social gathering at every opportunity. He left us too soon and still very hard to believe that he is gone from us. God’s will.

    Always praying that his soul rests in eternal peace. May Allah give the family strength to face the big loss. Rashida, Farah and Faizal .. you are always thought of… Its a huge and sad loss to all of us. God Bless You All.

  31. Dear Farah. Our family expresses our deep condolences for your Dad’s sad demise. May Mawla rest his soul in eternal peace, Ameen May Mawla give you, your Mom, your brother and Family solace to bear this big loss. Ameen You have written an amazing Poem. Shukher.

    Hazar Imam had once noted in Paris in 1963: “Many spiritual children, who have lost their beloved ones, come to me with sorrow and tears in their eyes. If they only knew how happy the departed souls are in the next world they would not be sorry.”

    The above message that we often hear when one has passed away will give you consolation. Shukhar

  32. Farah brilliantly draws a picture of who the departed soul really and truly was. Rest in peace Jehangir.

  33. Thank you Farah for a Beautiful Poem dedicated your Dad, Jehangir Tejani. May his Soul Rest In Eternal Peace..Ameen 🤲

    Great Work…and Priceless Memories ❤

    Thank you Malik for Publishing the Poem. Indebted to you.
    May Mowla grant you Good Health , Success & lots of Barakat..Ameen 🤲🤲

    • Farah’s contribution to Simerg over the past several months is greatly appreciated. She is a very talented writer and I look forward to publishing her short stories in the comings weeks and months. I feel very sad about the passing of her dad, and pray for Farah’s strength. May Jehangir’s soul rest in eternal peace. May the blessings of Mawlana Hazar Imam always be on Farah in every aspect of her life. You are a loving and caring mum and will always continue to be an inspiration to Farah. Wishing you and your family happiness and success in every walk of life — and prayers for mushkil ahsan.

      • Lovely poem Farah! A great tribute to your dad and a dear friend to many. You have enshrined his memory for years to come!

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