The Greatest Gift also known as The Season’s Upon Us


Winter winds whispering through the near naked trees,
The Season is upon us, feel that crisp familiar breeze.
With no two snowflakes alike, they settle on our faces,
Melting on eyelashes and leaving no traces…

A white blanket of fresh snow falls all around,
Like in a snow globe it always astounds;
We run out to greet it throwing our hands in the air,
So effortlessly it falls and with wonder we share

With loved ones we gather making snow angels and snowmen.
Year after year, we never tire, we do it again and again.
The fresh snow makes everything feel sacred and new,
Our own Winter Wonderland is the spectacle we view.

So gather together as the New Year draws near,
It is a time for resolutions and to make them sincere,
Take note with GRATITUDE, God is blessing you with more time,
Blessed is life’s journey, to waste even a day is a crime.

With this new snowfall, it’s time to clean all the slates,
Forgiveness is Powerful, it can open any gate,
Bear no grudges, this is of no use to you,
It is just more baggage to carry, and it is truthfully undue.

We are granted just this one gift to live here and now,
What you do with this gift is to God what you vow.
Every day when your eyes open, before turning the coffee pot on,
Look in your heart and thank God that you are not gone.

Every single day is a present to be opened with joy,
And doing God’s WORK is a meaningful and righteous employ.
Forget all the spending, the best present you can give,

Copyright © Farah Tejani

Date posted: Dec 23, 2021.


Farah Tejani Ismaili poet and writer
Farah Tejani

Farah Tejani is a creative writer based in Vancouver. She is currently working on Childrens’ stories and a collection of poetry called “Elastic Embrace.” She has been contributing poems and stories for Simerg and its sister website Barakah for the past year. We invite our readers to read some of Farah’s poems by clicking on  Elastic Embrace; The Fragrance of Spring; and The Great Sacrifice. Children will particularly love her heart warming stories Mr. Sneaky Peeky and the Two Red-Tailed Monkeys and Elizabeth the Ladybug and the Lonely Rose.

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20 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift also known as The Season’s Upon Us

  1. Gratitude, forgiveness and being present – three
    virtues covered creatively by Farah. These are
    foundational traits. Well done as always. You are
    a gifted writer!

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    May Mawla bless you with good health and lots of opportunities to continue inspiring us.

  3. As usual you have improved our day with beautiful reminders of priorities in life. So you are giving us meaningful gifts through the year. Bless you.

  4. Another insightful, well thought out and well crafted poem we all enjoyed. Each poem keeps outdoing the previous ones, you have a great talent Farah!

  5. Young lady, you continue to amaze us with your creativity and skill of playing with words. Keep it. Up. Again thank you.

  6. Beautiful Poem Farah….so proud of you. Amazing Writing.
    Keep Writing…Love & Blessings always..Ameen

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