14 Inspirational Thank You Letters to Remarkable Ismaili Historical Figures

Jehangir Merchant’s Thank You Letter to the Fatimid Ismaili Icon, Da’i Al-Mu’ayyad al-Shirazi by Jehangir A. Merchant (Canada)

Please click for letter
* * *

Jalaledin Ebrahim’s Gratitude to Amira Dharrab, Abu Najm Sarraj and Hasan-i-Sabbah by Jalaledin Ebrahim (USA)

* * *

Khalil Andani’s Thank You Letter to the School of Isma‘ili Philosophers by Khalil Andani (USA/Canada)

* * *

Navyn Naran’s Ode to Pir Hasan Kabirdin – the Author of Anant Akhado and the Nav Chugga

A Thank You Letter Inspired by Prince Amyn Mohammad Aga Khan’s Exceptional Service to the Imamat by Azeem Maherali (USA)

* * *

Vali Jamal’s Thank You Letter to Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan: The 1972 Expulsion of Asians from Uganda by Vali Jamal (Uganda)

* * *

Salim Kanji’s Thank You Letter to Three Ismaili Pioneers in East Africa by Salim Kanji (Canada)

* * *

Zarina Moosa’s Thank You Letter to Lady Ali Shah Through the Voice of Her Son, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III by Zarina Moosa (Canada)

* * *

Reminiscences of Two Great Ismaili Missionaries, Pir Sabzali and Meghji Missionary by Izat Velji (Canada)

* * *

Ameer Janmohamed’s Thank You Letter to Pir Sabzali and the Ismaili Pirs of the Ginanic Tradition by Ameer Janmohamed (UK)

Please click for “Thank You” Letter to Pir Sabzali

* * *

Hatim Mahamid’s Thank You Letter to the IIS by Hatim Mahamid (Israel)

Please click on image to read complete “Thank You” letter.

* * *

A “Thank You” Letter to the Person of the Institution of Imamat by Aziz Kurwa (UK)

* * *

A Thank You Letter to Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan – “A Man of Multiple Visions” by Mohezin Tejani (Thailand)

* * *

A “Thank You” Letter to the Makers of the Blue Qur’an by Andrew Kosorok (USA)

Please click for thank you letter. Image: Simerg.com.


Has anyone in Ismaili history from the earliest times to the modern period inspired you and left an indelible mark on your life? How would you thank that one individual and what would you say in your letter to the person or groups of persons? We invite your contributions for this on-going imaginative series which began during this blog’s 3rd anniversary.

Please send your contribution to Simerg@aol.com, Subject: “Thank You Series.” All contributors will be contacted before their letters are published. Contributors must include their full name, address and phone number, and accompany their information with a brief profile and, optionally, a photo.

Date posted: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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