One thought on “Prayer Houses of Badakhshan Through the Lens of Muslim Harji

  1. Mr. Muslim Harji and Nevin Harji:
    I saw the photographs and the information on Prayer Houses in Badakshan. Your photo journalism is very unique and informative, most of the Ismailis in the Western world have no clue about that part of the world. You are very fortunate to visit and be with our Ismaili Brothers in Badakshan. This is a treasure for our Youth and hope the Baitul Ilm religious education centres in USA and Canada will show this to the students and so that they may learn about our Ismaili Brothers and Sisters in that part of the world. Thank you very much and thanks to Malik for publishing your piece for readers like myself. May Mawla Bless you and give you more opportunities to visit and explore other areas where our Ismaili brothers and sisters reside.
    Ya Ali Madad
    Taj Kothari

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