The Fragrance of Spring


Open your doors and let the honeyed fragrance of Spring,
Enter your household while the seraphic birds sweetly sing,
All life is born again now that the gruelling winter is done,
Raise hands and praise Allah under the melting rays of the sun.

Navroz Mubarak, the New Year begins,
We welcome it with wonder and repent for our sins,
Three hundred million of us over three thousand years,
Jubilantly celebrate with sacred songs and with cheers.

A new chapter to read, a new seed to plant,
For abundance and prosperity a sacred prayer we chant.
On Navroz we strengthen bonds and our families unite,
Exchanging human values, our wishes with foresight.

Envisioning the New Year to bring with it Peace,
And for all calamities and ill health to immediately cease.
We dance and we sing sacred Ginans from our Pirs
Qasidas and Garbis unite and cohere.

In harmony with Nature we must strive to exist,
If not pandemics like COVID-19 will sadly persist,
But if we take it in stride as a hard lesson learned
We will appreciate the respect that Nature truly yearned.

We all share a common fate and must aim to erase,
All discrimination and hatred and truly embrace,
Love, tolerance and respect for all of mankind,
So that cultural diversity will not be undermined.

We pray for global peace and international cooperation
For we are all in the Ummah from nation to nation.
Let nothing divide us and bring us to fight,
Let us instead hold and value for tomorrow is in sight.

What was dead becomes alive, let the festivities begin,
Intricate henna designs are dyed on our skin,
We receive our roji and take our Navroz wishes,
For barakat and abundance and we enjoy festive dishes.

It is that time of year, tulips spring out from the soil
A hearty true effort from a burdensome winter’s toil,
Shadowed they waited for this day to emerge,
Colors in splendour they burst and they surge.

Spring blossoms are shedding their soft petals in few,
The buds are just opening thinly covered in dew,
Moist raindrops with sunlight the perfect combination,
To bring creation forth in a renewing sensation.

Take notice of Kudrat and all the miracles of Mawla,
His Bounty is Ever-Present, Al-Hamdu l’illah.
The Spring breeze whispers through the meadows and the trees,
And there is flitting and buzzing of butterflies and bees.

The animals all awaken from a dazed winter’s sleep,
The goats, the chickens and the sheep,
The horses, the donkeys, the rabbits, and the squirrels,
All the animals arise for the Navroz’ precious pearls.

So arise and awaken to the Navroz, our New Year,
And welcome all customs with good heart and good cheer,
United we stand and divided we fall,
The Ummah prevails and respectfully unites us all.

Date posted: March 18, 2021.

Copyright © Farah Tejani, Vancouver.


Farah Tejani graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia in May of 1997 and earned top Honors for her Thesis on Short Fiction. She has published a collection of short stories “Make Your Own Chai, Mama’s Boy!” dealing with different dilemmas South Asians face. Farah also wrote and co-directed her stage play, “Safeway Samosas,” which won “The Best of Brave New Playwrights Award” in July 1995. Her short story , “Too Hot” won third place in the “Canada-Wide Best Short Fiction Award” and was read at The Vancouver Writers Festival. Currently, Farah is working on Childrens’ stories and a collection of poetry called, “Elastic Embrace” to be published in 2021.

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37 thoughts on “The Fragrance of Spring

  1. Thank you to everyone for so much for your kind feedback and for your blessings and prayers…Ameen.

    Navroz MUBARAK, I pray Mawlana Hazar Imam blesses you and your family members with good health, abundance both materially and spiritually, and peace and prosperity. Ameen. 🙏❤️🙏

    Much love,

  2. Farah, your writing is so inspirational and uplifting! Thank you for this beautiful piece and for being so generous with your wonderful gift as a writer. We are all blessed as a result.

  3. Ya Ali Madad Farah,

    Navroz Mubarak!

    Thank You for this and ohe other beautifully and eloquently written poems that you have penned……. Shukran Lillah wal Hamdu Lillah……. Shukar Mowla……. May Mowla Bapa give you the strength, ability and courage to continue to write such beautiful poetry…….Ameen. May he fulfill your wishes .Ameen. May he grant you success In all your endeavours…….Ameen

    Have an infinitely blessed, peaceful, happy day and beyond filled with Infinite Light…….Ameen

    Take care, be safe and be infinitely blessed…….Ameen

    Ya Ali Madad

  4. Farah, Beautiful Poem. It gave me goosebumps touching something deep inside. Keep writing and keep your talent alive. Thank you and Navroz Mubarak!!

  5. The fragrance of spring indeed! And what a perfumer you are Farah! How masterfully you have blended the assorted “scents” that comprise the significance of Nauruz, historical and current. Bravo!

  6. Farah dearest Farah you are amazing….you are a true gift..your poem you have phrased so well about this pandemic…birds..animals …meadows butterlies.and and…the rhythm of your lines is great…

    May Maulla bless you abundantly…

  7. You never cease to amaze us. Another heart warming poem. Please continue writing such inspiring poems. Love and stay safe

    Amin & Nasim

  8. Farah, you are an amazing writer. I love to read all your poems. Thoroughly enjoyed this Navroz one, so cleverly written and expressed in such a beautiful poetical way. Prayers for you to continue writing such beautiful poems.

  9. Excellent poem written by you Farah, you are very talented & may god bless you for more creative work.

    Anil Shah 🙏🙏

  10. Farah,
    Beautiful and very creative.
    You have magic in your words.
    I am waiting for a day when there is a
    A book
    99 poems
    By Farah Tejani
    I would love to sponsor that.

    Barkatali Lalani

    • Barkat Uncle,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words and sincere faith in me…I am truly touched. You give me incentive to try even harder and hone my skills to become a better writer. I really am touched by ALL OF THE KIND FEEDBACK I am receiving. Shukran’lillah.

      I really am truly grateful to my mom Rashida Tejani for her unconditional love and support and for her introducing me to Muslim Harji who has also been very encouraging and kind to me who then introduced me to Malik Bha who welcomed me to his OUTSTANDING WEBSITE.

      It is certainly an honor to appear in such a widely received and accomplished website. I am grateful, Malik Bha…thank you from my heart.

  11. As always Farah you amaze me with your choice of words, expro and imagination. So very proud of you and admire you for your poems. I want to write so much but doesn’t come out like yours. You are brilliant. Keep up the excellent work. We love you. Zaher, Fari & Alykhan

  12. Farah this is absolutely beautiful. Your writing gives me goosebumps everytime. Please keep this up. I am so very proud of you!

  13. Thank you Farah for sharing your beautiful heartfelt poems. May Mowla’s Blessings always be with you. Ameen.

  14. Beautiful Poem filled with deep emotions and feelings! Thank you for sharing!

    May you always be inspired to write, to express your inner wisdom!

  15. MashAllah a beautiful poem written from the heart and so very touching and beautiful. May you be happy and blessed always.

    Ya Ali Madad

  16. As usual…Farah well done. Unstoppable Farah..I love you very much. Unconditionally. Love & Blessings always..Ameen

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