Mawlana Hazar Imam, His Highness the Aga Khan, Made Navroz March 21, 2021, the Most Joyous Navroz in My Life, and I Will Tell You Why

Publisher/Editor  SimergphotosBarakah and Simerg

Along with photos captured on Navroz, March 21, 2021, the founding editor and publisher of this website and two sister websites simergphotos and barakah, shares his feelings about the second consecutive Navroz celebrated in isolation, and provides his perspective and feelings on why he felt the 2021 Navroz became the most joyous Navroz in his life. Please click MORE or on photo below for his reflective piece and beautiful photos published in Simergphotos.

Birds fly past the Ismaili Jamatkhana on Navroz, March 21, 2021. Please click on photo for reflective article and more photos.

Please read ARTICLE.

Date posted: March 22, 2021.


2 thoughts on “Mawlana Hazar Imam, His Highness the Aga Khan, Made Navroz March 21, 2021, the Most Joyous Navroz in My Life, and I Will Tell You Why

  1. I am so moved by your love for both of your parents, Malik Bha.

    I loved listening to the audio of her soothing warm and loving kind voice encouraging your very excellent work. I have also enjoyed listening to an audio of your father reciting a ginan from another article you published. The melody was etched in my mind and I found myself humming the tune though I did not know the words or the meaning and receiving great comfort because it was a very humble but wise and devout man who was reciting it.

    Know that they are now at peace together united once again watching over you. I want to thank you and thank them in turn…I have learned much though I have never had the chance to meet all three of you, sadly. I am looking forward to meeting you in Vancouver Inshallah…Thank you again. Your dedication and commitment to this outstanding website is ADMIRABLE and MUCH APPRECIATED!

  2. Hello Malik,

    Your article to include memory of your amazing parents and your mum brought tears to me. It was so touching and reflected on the 7 years where your mum and dad were so much part of my life, guiding me too, when they were in london. I can just imagine how much your mum helped you with the website and how she would say things. I remember too how proud she was when you started this years ago, when I met them in Vancouver. Navroz I agree was very special and captured the light on Hazar Imam in every way, the energy around nature, the radiance from the light, the wisdom and comfort we all received and the blessings. May this light continue to be your inspiration and connect you with both worlds giving you good health, peace and enlightenment as you continue to inspire us all. Amen

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