To the Memory of Roshan Thomas and Zeenab Kassam

The Energy of Roshan and Zeenab

The deaths of Roshan and Zeenab in Kabul at the hand of terrorists have touched the hearts of thousands around the world.

The deaths of Roshan and Zeenab in Kabul at the hand of terrorists on the eve of Navroz have touched the hearts of thousands in Afghanistan, Canada and all around the world.

By Navyn Naran

how were you born?

who is your mother?
whose child are you?
who bears a child?
a woman.

we, are all children.
children of the One,
“Who begets not , nor is He begotten
and there is none like unto Him”
so speaks the faith.

It is about the children,
our children,
each child, one child, any child
all the children

you, were a child
and are still;
a body, with a Spirit Breathed into you,
and your ‘child becomes the Man’

on a new moment and new day,
The Movement stirs,
is it the Wind of the Universe
pushing forward Time?
Giving Life and Taking Life Away

a woman bears a child
The Blessing comes to her,
and she, is the mother.
a teacher, teaches children
inculcates knowledge
to respect
and understand Allah’s Creation
spiritual and physical.
so that “we may leave this world
a better place than the way
we find it”
does not the Qur’an says:
“and whoseover takes a life,
it is as if he has destroyed all humanity”?

and the Prophet (s.a.s) has said;
“And Paradise lies
at the foot of the Mother”
then what is it you are
trying to achieve?

A Child. A Spark
of the Almighty’s Hand
“an oil, neither of the east , nor of the west,
whose Light glows forth, though no fire touched it.”
“Light upon light” the Noor says.

Roshan was light, Zeenab, a flowering plant

the mothers of children of the world
“she was more than a mother”
“her body may have died but the values
will only be stronger”
mother of her own children
mothers of belief and tenacity
mothers of courage and love..

as water flows, a child grows
plants reach high, lit from Greater than the sky..
what will you teach them, these children?
what will you share with them, the values?
how will you train them, the principles?

Rahim, Rishma, Karim, Sameera,
Karim-Aly and family,

know this:
“the energy of the Universe is in one mustard seed”…
the Energy of Roshan and Zeenab
is now faster than the speed of light


Revised: Saturday, April 5, 2014.

Copyright: Navyn Naran


Author’s note: This poem in written to the Taliban in the context that each of them was born to and through a mother. Each was a child in time, and still is their mother’s child. The poem is best acted out and the various stanzas are to be read by children and adult children of different ages…this should invoke a feeling of an individual’s journey in time and a realization that killing one human is as if “one destroyed entire humanity,” including oneself. This, the taliban are doing. The energy they believe they want to overthrow, through the children they destroy, will be  transcended to a greater Force because it is Blessed through Allah.


To read more about Roshan Thomas and Zeenab Kassam and the recent tragedy in Kabul, please visit, a definitive resource of news about the Ismaili community. We welcome your tribute to Roshan and Zeenab; please click Leave a comment or if you encounter a technical difficulty send your message to, subject: Roshan Thomas and Zeenab Kassam.


6 thoughts on “To the Memory of Roshan Thomas and Zeenab Kassam

  1. When we lose something that is precious to us, we are left with a feeling of sadness. I know Roshan Apa and my teacher Zeenab Kassam. God give you both reward for your work.

  2. During the darkest days of our lives Roshan was an angel of compassion, love and understanding. She lit the flame of hope and healing in our time of grief. The oil in her lamp of life is not extinguished; it is now burning brightly in the countless lives she touched. Remembered with love and gratitude. Kathleen and Karen Ihssen

  3. Adieu my friend Roshan the stars you go now in flight and light.

    When you were that “Tara zameen pe” our paths crossed so graciously in the lands of that silk route, our thoughts one we reached out you and me to the ones without friend, mother or father or hope.

    And in our homes in Vancouver…we spoke of how to spread the light, quietly without giving a whisper or a making a wave.

    Be sure that I will continue in the fashion of “a fidai” …and in all the work I will do, I shall always carry a memory of you …as I know that it could just as easily have been me instead of you in that moment, sitting there in that hotel facing a second of ungodly intent.

    Stay in peace and rest well as others now carry the mantle and flame!

    My prayers for your family ….you have as Gulam says …left values with them that will help them help others … a significant heritage of peace.

    Zaher Meghji Ahamed.

  4. May their souls rest in eternal peace and may Allah grant their families, strength and courage to bear their great loss. ameen

  5. I had the privilege of personally knowing Roshan and her children Karim, Rishma and Sameera since we met in Afghanistan many years ago and kept in regular contact with her till the end. I was in a shock and could not believe when I got the news flash of her untimely departure. All through our friendship she always admired my work and I her. We met on many occasions and in various parts of the world including Tajikistan and Pakistan. She was very kind and her heart was always in the right place, how to assist the disadvantaged. She was fully aware of the risks involved in working in war torn country like Afghanistan but never paused for a moment and kept coming back with her young children where their lives were in constant danger. She connected with Afghan children like they were her own. Rahim and Roshan have instilled the value system in all their 3 children, all of them well educated, which make them stand out as leaders who want to change the world one brick at a time, you could see that when you see Rahim on CBC. Hats off to my beloved friend Roshan and her bereaved family.
    May your soul rest in eternal peace.
    You will always be in our hearts.

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