Mohezin Tejani, Brilliant Author, Humanitarian and Global Nomad Dies at 61

“I’m afraid I have some awful, awful news to share. Our dearest, most beloved Mo passed away today on New Year’s Day, Tuesday, January 1, 2013, at approximately 2.30 a.m. in our home here in Chiang Mai, Thailand” — Lisa S. Keary….Read More

Mohezin Tejani - author and humanitarian

Mohezin Tejani – author and humanitarian

Shakespeare’s Man of 1538, and the Life of an Indian, African and American in 2012: A Trilogy By Mo Tejani

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Mo Tejani’s trilogy of poems is based on Shakespeare’s The Seven Ages of Man and looks at the life of an Indian, African, and American in 2012 in contrast to Shakespeare’s man of 1538.

PLEASE CLICK: “The Seven Ages of Man Redux” by Mo Tejani

Please click for Trilogy

Please click for Trilogy