2013 Navroz Readings: (II) Recognition of Nowruz at the UN General Assembly and the US Congress

The United Nations General Assembly on 23 February 2010 recognized 21 March as the International Day of Nowruz, a spring festival of Persian origin,  as it continued its sixty-fourth session.

A few weeks later in the same year, the US House of  Representatives approved a resolution recognizing that Nowruz embodies the tradition that each individual’s thinking, speaking, and  conduct should always be virtuous.  The resolution also expressed appreciation to Iranian Americans for their contributions  to society, and wishing Iranian Americans and the people of Iran a good new  year.

To read the compete resolutions, please click: Recognition of Nowruz by the United Nations and the US Congress

Please click for UN and US Congress Resolutions on Nowruz

Please click for UN and US Congress Resolutions on Nowruz

Explanation of Navroz Ginan

Please click: Ismaili Devotee Seeks Out His Spiritual Master on Spring Day

Be joyfully bound in the love of Ali
And attain the unfading spiritual color (the state of bliss)
from the Master;

When my mind was bound to
the Ever-Living Lord in contemplation

Reality adorned (the Soul) with
priceless treasure of (Noorani) pearls

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