Poems for Salgirah: ALI by Sherali Kara

(English translation follows this transliteration from Hindi)


By Sherali Kara

Hum jiyenge aur jiyenge sirf ALI tere liye. 
Ruhani bache tere hai, Haath thaam ke rakhna ALI. 

Tub bhi ALI he thaa, Ab hai tu Hazar Imam ALI.
Taa qayamat tak rahenga Hayul Qayum ALI ALI.

Kya tariqat shaan hai teri.
Khub haqiqi jalwa hai tera.
Kya noorani tevar tere hai.
Shaan e Khuda tu hi ALI hai.

Teri Hidayat se ALI hum jaamat ne taraqi ke.
Lakho Abjo sukhran karo ‘Sukran ALI Sukhran ALI

Is salegrah ke jasn me kya dena hai tujhe ALI.
Khub ibaadat aur khidmat jum kar karna hume ALI.

English Translation

We will again and again serve ALI, you and you only.
We are your spiritual children, hold our hands tight. 

You were ALI of the past, now you are Hazar Imam ALI.
You will be physically forever, Always Present and Everliving ALI ALI

What a tariqat greatness you have.
What a haqiqi brightness you posses.
With the Noorani enlightenment in you O ALI.
You are the greatness of GOD, only you ALI.

With your guidance, we jamat have prospered.
Millions and billions of thank you ALI, thank you ALI

On this Occasion of your Salgirah (Birthday),
what do we need to give you? O ALI.

Lots and Lot of Ibaadat and Khidmat by us is our gift to you. O ALI

Date posted: Friday, December 13, 2013.


Author’s note: When I mention the word ALI, I am referring to the ALI who has been with us from the beginning of time and will remain with us till the end of time. Also, ALI here refers to all the Imams and not simply the first Imam, Hazrat Ali.

About the author: Since his teenage years, Sherali Kara, now fifty-three, has taken a keen interest in furthering his spiritual knowledge, and over the years has developed a deep spiritual and esoteric insight into several ayats from the Holy Qur’an, Ismaili ginans and qasidas. He hails from a family that has a long tradition of Khidmat (service) in the Ismaili Jamat. His mother, Malekbibi Kara, was called the “ginan queen” of her time. Mr. Kara composes poems and couplets specifically on the theme of ALI.  He lives in Andheri, a suburb of Mumbai, and provides Realty Advisory services.

Salamiyya and Syria: “Peace Will be Again”

By Elia Badrudin
Dates in season - Salamiyya, Syria

Salaam , al Salaam, O salaam
to all of humanity, Peace

al Salamiyeh , KNOW that Peace will be again.
the heavens will smile on you again.
all humanity which speaks for Peace
has promised that
the planet has your place

al Salamiyeh, more than a thousand years before
prayers were seeds of this ground
a grassland lying on Syrian steppes
a fertile plain of hope
a soft quiet spawning the golden age
a diverse Ummah immersed with the Fatimids…
you’ve nurtured yourself for the heavens here
and it is not all gone today.
you are not lost to us; neither sand grain lost to the sky.
as hearts are the stronger carrying yours
as anguish is balanced with resolute prayer
transformed, you will return, al Salamiyeh
the world is not asleep.

we are an entire Ummah living together in al Salamiyeh
the world has not left you
nor any other facing terror —
“you may feel alone
but you are not alone”
does not your date tree stand strong in windstorm?
and your smile not nourish your child?
He is “Always with you, Always with you”
and the world will not sleep.

not dogma, not terror,
there’s no martyrdom in suicide!
whosoever taketh life of another..
brutal condemnation
the bestiality of his own cowardly nature
who will betray your homeland and ours
has fallen to the brainwashing of his idols
and their very own envy

not even an animal kills but of hunger
leave them to their desolate running.
only, the ends of the earth are round
and of the heavens, eternal.
where will they go?

and the world will not sleep
all day and all night
across our globe
Ismailis holding hands with every other faith
for all of Syria and for all your families.
“you are not alone, you are never alone”

our seven days, a satado,
are seven ages of pain vanquished
are hearts awry yet steadfast
and hope takes root in this action
then Time too will make space..

and these fools will not rule
fear not the evils, for though they have drained innocent blood,
their souls and hearts are for His Taking

Salaam , al Salaam, O salaam
to all of humanity, Peace.


Date posted: January 30, 2013
© Simerg.com

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1952 Historical Recordings of Allidina Jamal Walji Luvungivalla’s Ismaili Songs in Kiswahili at SAMAP


In my piece below about Ismaili songs in Kiswahili archived at the SAMAP, I mistakenly attributed the songs to Mukhi Allidina Jamal of Upanga Jamatkhana in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. My attention has been drawn by the family of the actual composer and singer, Allidina Jamal Walji Luvungivalla, that the (late) Mukhi Allidina Jamal, who I attributed the songs to, and the (late) Allidina Jamal Luvungivalla were different individuals. I convey my apologies to the readers as well as members of the two families for this confusion, and appreciate Allidina Jamal Luvungivalla family’s kind reaction and understanding in this matter of mistaken identity. I hope to obtain information about the actual composer in due course, with some background notes about the context of the compilations.

Needless to say, the short description I have provided in the piece about the singer of Anant Akhado, Mukhi Allidina Jamal, is fair and accurate, except that he is not the composer and singer of the Kiswahili songs — Malik Merchant, Editor, Simerg.com


Allidina Jamal's Swahile songs were recorded on Shellac recordes, similar to the one shown above.

Allidina Jamal’s Swahili songs were recorded on Shellac records, similar to the one shown above.

Simerg.com is pleased to bring to its worlwide viewers a unique link to a series of devotional Ismaili songs in Kiswahili which have been archived with the South African Music Archives Project (SAMAP), which aims to promote multidisciplinary research in the field of popular music and culture.

The songs were composed and sung by the iconic Tanzanian personality, Allidina Jamal (please see correction note at top of this page), who was the Mukhi of Dar-es-Salaam’s Upanga Ismaili Jamatkhana during the 1960’s. Before assuming the post as Mukhi, he would be regularly called upon to recite verses from Pir Hasan Kabirdin’s composition “Anant Akhado” to the delight of the Jamat. The few verses that he sung from this monumental composition before the first Dua provided immense inspiration to everyone in attendance, setting the stage and religious fervour for the prayers that followed.

The 1952 recordings were done on the brittle Shellac gramophone records, although the much better Vinyl technology had been introduced by then.

Friends and admirers of Mukhi Allidina Jamal as well as viewers who speak or understand Swahili will be thrilled to hear these songs of devotion which include titles such as Mubarak-mubarak imame-zaman, Kwimbho ya zilsile ya imamat, Kwimbho ya Nooran Mubbin and Kwimbho ya sifu ya imam.

We invite you to click Allidina Jamal Kiswahili Song Archives at SAMAP

Readers are also invited to submit comments on this unique memory that Mukhi Jamal has left behind as well as other fond recollections with respect to his recitations in Jamatkahanas around the world.

“Crystal Clear” – A New Year Observation by Navyn Naran

here’s to crystal magic, clink!
and starlight.
cool and clearest,
p e a c e
in the vacuum of purple night
of unseen and
a magic so hidden
you scarce believe in its reality..
for they say, it is the most real thing there is.

light of all light
shimmering ….
but yes, conscionable.

clinking glass and platefuls..
musically cheery and
mirrors, mirrors,
reflecting glamour and light
what a happy night!
faces  are smiling, lips moving, masterful chatter
practising attitudes.
beautiful shimmers, radiant!
glitter and glory
oh, happy night and new year!

there are  sparkles of crystal and bangles
rushes of laughter and giggles
all in tonight…thank you God for this another moment,
thank YOU.
what we have learnt and gained this year,
are Blessings beyond truths.
who have we hurt and cared for?
been hurt by and healed from?
only children make it real delight,
a time of play and being,
a reality of truth

ah yes, a respectable consort you are indeed.
how beautifully perfect.
behind festivities and food and dance and happiness
grateful for the safety and health of your space.
and the world crumbles on

hurting exposures, crying and deceit
lies and lip service
a rich, heavy deep velvet
fertile for an inner fortitude ..
here’s to a very happy new year
in these mirrors of charm.
and he rewards you for your heights and emblems,
‘ there are those i see with my eyes and
there are those i feel with my heart’.
which one am i?
which? in the limelight?
in the mirror perhaps?
in the crystal shimmers
there’s a seen.
and in magic, we are told,
and perhaps we pray,
and maybe we can really try to believe..
a practice of faith,
in action, yes, perhaps there IS

the  unseen.


Navyn Naran

Navyn Naran

About the author: Navyn Naran was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, to Anaar and Badrudin Naran. After beginning her high school in the UK, her family immigrated to the USA where she has lived since. Navyn went to medical school at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. Dr Naran, has a subspecialty in Paediatric Critical Care.

Alamut: A 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Nadirshah Mackwani

Khosrow and Shirin, Madjnun in the desert, the beautiful Mi’raj of the Holy Prophet as well as other works of art from the Persian and Mughal Schools of painting are now available as impressive and decorative 1000 piece puzzles designed for children of all ages.

The Ismaili founder and partner of Sindbad Puzzle, Nadirshah Mackwani, has also created a jigsaw puzzle featuring the famous Rock of Alamut, the 10th-11th century Ismaili stronghold in Iran. Read more about Nadirshah’s unique initiative by clicking on Piecing the Alamut Puzzle Together or the image below:

Please click for “Piecing the Alamut Puzzle Together”